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Computer Science Courses

AGT Institute of Technical & Professional Education Offers market demanding Computer Courses After Course Students will be ready for the job 

  • Computer Operator Course ( IT Advance )
  • Web Design & Development Course 
  • Graphic & Multi-Media Course 
  • Digital Marketing & Affiliate Blogging Courses 
Information Technology
Computerized Accounting

Certificate in Computerized Accounting

  • Peachtree Accounting Course
  • QuickBooks Accounting Course
  • Telly ERP Acounting Course
  • Sage Accounting Course
  • MYOB Accounting Course
  • Manual Accounting Course
  • Excel Financial Accounting Course
  • Advance Excel Course

Learning Computerized Accounting courses can improve your skills and abilities in the field of accounting. AIT&PE offers a number of Computerized Accounting courses that are easy to grasp and can help you learn popular Accounting related software in a matter of months! We offer a variety of Computerized Accounting courses that are aimed at meeting your needs.

AIT & PE offers training on the following internationally recognized Computerized Accounting courses, which include:


Computerized Accounting
English Language

Certificate in English Language

  • Spoken English Language Course
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • A1 LEVEL ( for UK Spouse Visa )



Learning English language can improve your employability and open up new opportunities for you. AIT&PE offers a number of English language courses that are easy to grasp and can help you learn English in a matter of months! We offer a variety of English language courses that are aimed at meeting your needs.

AIT&PE offers internationally recognized language courses, which include:

English Language Courses
Mobile Phone Repairing(Hardware & Software) Courses

Certificate in Mobile Phone (Hardware & Software)

  • Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing Level 3 Course
  • Mobile Phone Software Professional Course





In today’s day and age, who doesn’t own a mobile phone? The usage of mobile phones, especially smart phones, has increased dramatically. Mobile phone technology is something which is here to stay, for a good number of years. Therefore, making your career in this field would be a smart decision.

AIT&PE offers training on the following internationally recognized Mobile Phone courses:

Mobile Phone Technology
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Courses

Certificate in Refregeration & Air Conditioning

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course (Domestic & Commercial)
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course (Commercial)
  • Heating & Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC)



As Refrigerators become more advanced, the world has seen a growing need for refrigeration experts. This is because, today’s refrigerators are expected to provide multiple utilities. From cooling food to preserving it for a longer period and also repelling insects, a refrigerator does a lot more today that it used to. This means that there is a need for updated skills in the field of Refrigeration repair and maintenance. AIT&PE has designed its refrigeration courses keeping in mind the needs of present time.

AIT&PE offers training on the following internationally recognized Refrigeration courses

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Courses
Electrician Courses

Certificate in Electrician

  • Building General Electracian
  • Industrial Electrician Course









Electrician Courses
Civil Construction courses

AGT Institute of Technical and Professional Education Provides state of the art Training in Civil Construction related courses  

  • Civil Surveyor Course (One Year Diploma)
  • Civil Foreman
  • Autocad Civil 2D 3D Course
  • Plumbing & Sanitary Installation Course
  • Steel Fixing Course
  • Quantity Surveyor Course
  • 3D Studio Max Course
  • Shuttering Carpenter Course 
  • Masonry Course  
Civil Construction
AutoCAD Course

This course is particularly offered to working professionals or individuals who wish to be associated with the profession of civil construction and architecture fields or those who want to become a civil AutoCAD engineer. AGT Tech is ranked as the best AutoCAD Civil training provider with high tech infrastructure and state-of-the-art lab facilities. This course is designed to provide training based on current industry practices and standards that help trainees to attain placement in their dream job in best multinational companies. At AGT Tech, AutoCAD Civil training is conducted by subject specialist corporate professionals. They provide a blend of academic and practical learning sessions to give students the best possible exposure so that they can easily be absorbed in the industry.   What You Will Learn AutoCAD Civil 2D & 3D course will equip the students with thorough use of the application for civil engineering design and documentation. You will be given an excellent exposure through practical approach which would result in learning of following topics: create, edit & modify civil 3d design objects, add annotation, obtain information, import/export and use Civil 3D data in other applications. After completion of this course, students will be able to draw maps of houses, markets, bridges, high rise commercial buildings in 2D and convert them into 3D Models.   Other Recomended Courses for You:                  

AutoCAD Course
Health & Safety Environment Courses

Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety 

  • Safety Officer (HSE) Course
  • Fire Fighting Course
  • IOSH



The present times are quite tough, as far as security is concerned. Security breaches are a major concern for all private and commercial property owners. The role of health, safety and security officers has, thus, become more complex and advanced. Our health, safety and security courses are designed to help those, in the profession of providing security, acquire new knowledge and skills in the field.

AIT&PE offers training on the following internationally recognized Security courses:

Health & Safety Environment Courses
Security Course

Security has become an increasing concern for all commercial and domestic property owners. Businesses normally employ Security Officers to handle matters of security in their set-up. These security officers may be armed or unarmed. Anyone pursuing a career as a security officer, needs to learn the latest techniques in protective measures as well as about modern weaponry. The usage of modern weaponry requires expertise and complete knowledge of the weapons. Also, in order to provide defense services against these weapons, a security officer needs to know about them. This course has been designed to provide education and training regarding protective techniques and preventive measures that a security officer needs to take in order to pursue their responsibilities with proficiency. Why Study This Course? DID YOU KNOW:SECURITY OFFICERS SPEND LONG TIME PERIODS ON THEIR FEET. 01 Security officers can come in high levels of public contact and may experience abuse, both physical and verbal 02 Security officers require special kind of training to effectively deal with difficult situations 03 Security officers require special training to be able to minimize danger while providing protection "Enhance your Skills & Knowledge through the"     You can increase your ‘employability’ as a Security Officer and get a good job or start your own services business by attending the Security Officer Course.  

Security Course
CCTV Camera Technician Course

Today, technological advancement has made the world a global village. Alongside CCTV installation is increasingly playing a vital role across the globe in serving various organizations, businesses, and households to combat criminals and terrorist activities. If you want to become a professional CCTV installer, we recommend you to join our “CCTV Installation & Maintenance” Course and increase your demand professionally. Nowadays, CCTV installer has high demand, high growth prospects and high packages in the market as it provides you opportunity to develop knowledge and skill set in CCTV Installation & Maintenance field. This CCTV practical course provides you an exposure to the latest advancements in CCTV technology. This course provides very exciting career opportunities as at AGT Tech you have the opportunity to explore yourself and develop knowledge base, skills set and practical expertise on CCTV Installation & Maintenance, which will help you to growand earn respect and high increments.   What You Will Learn AT AGT Tech, courses are designed with an aim to provide excellent and quality education, which helps studentsin learning the basic knowledge and developing skills set in their respective fields. You will be given comprehensive exposure to complete CCTV system design and planning process which will include installation, specification, IP setting, setup and maintenance of major elements of systems such as stands, identify spots, cabling, installing cameras, PTZ installation, lenses, NVRs, and DVR. You will also be exposed to installing and maintenance problems and teach you how to solve these issues.

CCTV Camera Technician Course
Welding 6G Courses

Mechanical experts deal with industrial and commercial machinery on a daily basis; they perform designing, diagnosis, repair and maintenance to enable the machines to work smoothly. People with mechanical expertise are highly valued for their skills. This is because qualified mechanical experts have knowledge of computer applications, structural components, electrical components and a whole lot more. Are you passionate about the mechanical field? If so, then you must check out the mechanical courses being offered by AIT&PE.AIT&PE offers internationally recognized mechanical courses, which include:  

Welding 6G Courses

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