Mobile Phone Software Professional Course

Mobile Phone Software Professional Course

Mobile Phone Software Professional Course

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, enabling us to stay connected, work efficiently, and access information effortlessly. However, these devices are reliant on software, and issues can arise that require skilled professionals to troubleshoot and repair. If you're interested in mastering the intricacies of mobile phone software, consider enrolling in AGT Institute's Mobile Software Professional Course. This comprehensive program equips you with the practical knowledge and hands-on skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of mobile phone software repair.

Course Overview:

The Mobile Software Professional Course at AGT Institute is designed to empower you with the expertise to handle various aspects of mobile phone software. The course is structured to cover the following key areas:

Course Outlines

1. Mobile Phone Software Installation and Flashing:

  • Learn the step-by-step process of installing and flashing mobile phone software.
  • Understand the importance of software updates and version compatibility.

2. Comprehensive Mobile Phone Unlocking Techniques:

  • Gain practical experience in unlocking various types of mobile phones.
  • Perform real-world unlocking procedures, such as G-mail Lock, FRP account removal, pattern lock bypass, and more.
  • Explore online unlocking methods and purchasing unlocking codes.

3. Effective Solutions for Diverse Software Problems:

  • Develop the skills to diagnose and resolve a wide range of software-related issues.
  • Tackle problems like mobile phone deadlocks, SIM card and network errors, hanging, display malfunctions, and more.
  • Implement troubleshooting strategies for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connectivity problems.

4. Device and Phone Recognition:

  • Familiarize yourself with various devices used in mobile phone software tasks.
  • Recognize different types of mobile phones, including popular brands like Nokia, Samsung, Oppo, and more.

5. Customer Dealing and Lab Management:

  • Learn how to effectively interact with customers and manage a repair lab.
  • Enhance your communication skills and understand customer needs and preferences.

Course Curriculum:

The Mobile Software Professional Course curriculum is designed to provide you with hands-on experience and practical skills. Here's an outline of the course content:

Step-by-Step Software Process:

  • Learn about mobile phone software-related issues.
  • Select the appropriate device for the task.
  • Pre-check the mobile phone before connecting it to the device.
  • Identify potential shortages in the mobile phone.
  • Connect the mobile phone to the device.
  • Safely store mobile phone data, including pictures, video clips, and phone numbers.
  • Select the relevant flash file for the mobile phone.
  • Perform mobile phone flashing, ensuring a successful outcome.



Types of Mobile Phone Software Problems and Solutions:

  • Explore various software-related problems, such as G-mail Lock, FRP account issues, pattern locks, online unlocking, iPhone jailbreaking, country codes, and more.
  • Implement effective solutions to address these problems, ensuring optimal mobile phone functionality.

Devices and Mobile Phone Types:

  • Gain recognition of devices commonly used in mobile phone software tasks.
  • Familiarize yourself with different types of mobile phones, ranging from Nokia and Samsung to Oppo and UMI.

Customer Dealing and Lab Management:

  • Acquire customer interaction skills, including setting up a mobile repair business, managing customer relationships, and delivering quality service.

Course Benefits and Opportunities:

Upon successful completion of the Mobile Software Professional Course, you'll be equipped with the expertise to excel in various roles, including:

  • Mobile Phone Software Repair Technician: Independently diagnose and resolve software-related issues.
  • Mobile Phone Unlocking Specialist: Perform different types of mobile phone unlocking procedures.
  • Mobile Phone Repair Business Owner: Establish your own mobile repair business and serve customers with confidence.

Certificate of Completion:

Graduates of the course will receive a prestigious certificate of completion from AGT Institute. This certificate is recognized by the Government of Pakistan and validates your expertise in mobile phone software repair.


The Mobile Software Professional Course offered by AGT Institute provides a comprehensive and practical education in mobile phone software repair. Whether you're aiming to start your own business or pursue a career in mobile phone repair, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the ever-evolving world of mobile technology. Enroll today to embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a proficient mobile software professional.


موبائل فون سافٹ ویئر انجینئر 
مکمل فلیشنگ اور ان لاکنگ نہ سیکھ سکنے کی صورت میں 15دن یا دوبارہ پورا کورس بالکل فری کریں ۔
Course Devices
Online Unlocking with Credit , Setool+Lgtool, Miracle Box, Best Infinity, Sigma Box, GC Prokey , Best Box, ATF Turbo, Z3X
User code unlocking,Security code unlocking,Country code unlocking,G-mail unlocking,FRP Account unlocking, Pattern account unlocking, I.Phone jail break, Rooting for andriod phones, I-Cloud unlocking
SOFTWARE PROBLUMES we teach you how to solve
Mobile phone dead,Insert sim card problum,Hanging Problum,Network problum,Display problum,Mobile restart/Switch off Automatically problum,Call cut off problum Keypaid problem,Sim lock/Mobile lock contact service, contackt retailer, Contact manufacturer, Battery Discharge problum,Gallery not opening problum, Camera Problum, FM Radio, LED Problum Memory card Problum, Blutooth Problum Wifi networking
موبائل فون سافٹ ویئر پروفیشنل کورس (یونٹ 1)
کورسک ے اس ابتدائی حصے میں سٹوڈنٹس کو یہ بتایا جاتا ہے کہ بنیادی طور پر موبائل فون کا سافٹ ویئر کیا ہے اس کی کتنی اقسام ہیں ،یہ کیا کام کرتا ہے اور اس کے حوالے سے کتنی اقسام کے فالٹ آسکتے ہیں ۔ان فالٹ کو ریپئر کرنے کا طریقہ کیا ہے ۔سافٹ ویئر کے حوالے سے کتنی اقسام کی اور کس کس کمپنی کی ڈیوائس استعمال کی جاتی ہے اور ان کی مارکیٹ میں قیمت کیا ہے اور ان ڈیوائسز کے ساتھ کتنی تعداد میں کیبلز اور دوسری اشیاء دی جاتی ہیں جن سے آپ سافٹ ویئر کاکام کرسکتے ہیں ۔
موبائل فون سافٹ ویئر انسٹالیشن ،فلیشنگ (یونٹ 2)
کورس کے اس حصے میں سٹوڈنٹس کو باقاعدہ سافٹ ویئر انسٹالیشن کی تربیت دی جاتی ہے جسم یں سافٹ ویئر پرابلم کو سمجھنا پھر اس حوالے سے موزوں ڈیوائس کا انتخاب کرنا ،موبائل فون کو ڈیوائس کے ساتھ Connect (جوڑنا )کرنے سے پہلے فون کو چیک کرنا ،فون کی شاٹج چیک کرنا اور پھر ڈیوائس کے ساتھ لگانا اس کے بعد سٹوڈنٹس کو سمجھایا جاتا ہے کہ موبائل فون کا بیک اپ کیسے سٹور کرنا ہے تاکہ فون میں موجود ڈیٹا جس میں تصاویر ،ویڈیو کلپ ،فون نمبرز وغیرہ ضائع نہ ہوں ۔اس کے بعد متعلقہ فون کی فلیش فائل سلیکٹ کرنا اور فون کو فلیش کرنا سیکھایا جاتا ہے ۔کورس کے دوران سٹوڈنٹس کو یہ بھی سیکھایا جاتا ہے کہ مختلف سافٹ ویئر form (فورم )سے فائدہ کیسے اٹھانا ہے ۔
موبائل فون ان لاکنگ (یونٹ 3)
ایسے تمام فون جو کوئی بھی کمپنی اپنی سم کے ستھ فروخت کرتی ہے چاہے وہ پاکستان میں ہو یا بیرون ملک مثلاََ انگلینڈ ،امیریکہ ،یورپ وغیرہ کوئی بھی موبائل فون ان ممالک سے پاکستان آتا ہے تو ان پر کمپنی کی طرف سے ایک کوڈلگا ہوا ہوتا ہے جس کی وجہ سے یہ فون پاکستان میں یا دنیا کے کسی حصے میں نہیں چلتا ۔ان فون پر لگے ہر قسم کے کوڈ یا لاک کوکھولنا سٹوڈنٹس کو گارنٹی کے ساتھ سیکھایا جاتا ہے اس کے علاوہ موبائل فون پر لگے ہرقسم کے لاگ جس میں یوزر لاک ،سیکورٹی کوڈ ،پیٹرن لاک ،کنٹری کوڈ ،G-mail لاک ،FRPاکاؤنٹ ان لاک ،آئی فون جیل بریک ،اور ہر طرح کے لاک کھولنا سیکھایا جاتا ہے ۔سٹوڈنٹس کو یہ بھی سیکھایا جاتا ہے کہ آن لائن ان لاکنگ کیسے کی جاتی ہے اور آن لائن ان لاکنگ کوڈ کیسے خریدا جاتا ہے وغیرہ 
کسٹمر ڈیلنگ اور لیب منیجمنٹ(یونٹ 4)
اس کورس میں سٹوڈنٹس کو کستمر کے ساتھ خریدو فروخت ،سافٹ ویئر انسٹالیشن ،ان لاکنگ کے ریٹ طے کرنا ،فلیشنگ سے پہلے اگر فون خراب ہونے کے چانس ہیں تو اس سے اس چیز کی منظوری لینا کہ فون خراب ہوگیا تو آپ ذمہ دار نہیں ہونگے ۔تما م موبائل فون کی خریدو فروخت اور ریپئرنگ کا حساب کتاب رکھنا ،ورکشاپ کی سیٹنگ کرنا اور ورکشاپ تیار کرواتے وقت اس کی فٹنگ کروانا،آپ کے بجٹ کے حوالے سے انویسٹمنٹ کرنا شامل ہے ۔

Mobile Phone Software Professional Course

Mobile Phone Software course Brochure


AGT Tech has well defined course modules and training sessions for students as per international standards. Students will be awarded six months AGT Tech training certificate after completion of two months (2 months) training course. If you want to have Cisco Certificate then you will have to appear for their exam as per their fee and exam schedules. The course timings, starting dates, intakes and fees structure details are as under:-

Starting Dates Class Timings Status Fee
16 May 2024 09:00 to 11:00 Closed Rs. 12000
16 May 2024 11:00 to 01:00 Closed
16 May 2024 02:00 to 04:00 Closed
24 Jun 2024 09:00 to 11:00 Open
24 Jun 2024 11:00 to 01:00 Open
24 Jun 2024 02:00 to 04:00 Open
19 Jul 2024 06:00 to 08:00 Open


Mohammad Rafi --11, Jul/ 2024

Sir learn this course

AGT Admin --12, Jul/ 2024

Thank you for showing your interest,
Our representative will contact you on your given number
For more details please contact : 0316-5711503
or visit :

Bilal --26, Feb/ 2024

Please Dear office sent the lessons of mobile softwara

AGT Admin --27, Feb/ 2024

Sir kindly share your whatsapp number.
For more information kindly contact us on 03111444306.

ahmed faraz --06, Nov/ 2023

AOA please clear kardain main karachi main rehta ho or yaha 1 jaga sy cource kar chuka ho but yaha kuch samj hi nhi aya bas apna fees nikal li mujhse please ap apny bary main bata dain mujhe mobile software ka complete seekna hai taky main apna kam shoro kar sako bohat paresham ho

AGT Admin --24, Nov/ 2023

Sir hamare institute me complete kaam practically seekhaya jata ha.
Mazeed malomat k liye whatsapp pe rabta kren 03165711504.

Jawad Ahmad --17, Oct/ 2023


AGT Admin --20, Oct/ 2023

Sir mobile phone software course fee 12,000.
Course duration 1 month.
For more information kindly contact us on whatsapp 03165711505.

imran ali --16, Sep/ 2023

AOA sir full course ki fees kitni he kindly bataen + hostel fees

AGT Admin --18, Sep/ 2023

Sir mobile phone software professional course fee 12,000.
Course duration 1 month.
6 months certification at the end of course.
For more information kindly contact on Whatsapp 03165711505.

Muhammad waheed --09, Aug/ 2023

Sir ma bhawal put sy hoo or ma kaam seekhny Chahta ho.....address and money details BTA dein monthly kina lag Jaye ga and etc....plz contact me my what's app nbr 03073300254

AGT Admin --09, Aug/ 2023

Sir mobile phone software professional course fee : 12000.
Course duration 1 month.
For more information kindly contact on whatsapp 03165711505.

Zeeshan --24, Jul/ 2023

AOA sir kia yeh Mobile software repairing ka course online bhi karwate he

AGT Admin --24, Jul/ 2023

AoA AGT institute sy rabta krny ka shukriya. Sorry sir yh course online offer ni kia ja rha ha. Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711501 pr rabta krein. 

Altafhussain --24, Apr/ 2023

Hardware ka Kitna days ka course ha or software ka Kitna days ka course ha or fees Kitne ha dono ke

AGT Admin --29, Apr/ 2023

AoA AGT institute sy rabta krny ka shukriya. Mobile Hardware aur Mobile software k courses 1,1 month k hain aur fee 11,000 each course ha. Mazeed maloomat k lie 0311-1444306 pr rabta krein. 

Sajjad Hussain --11, Feb/ 2023

I want to learn about mobile softwaring but i can not attend classes, is there any way to apply and learn mobile softwaring online. I mean can i learn mobile softwaring by staying at home??

AGT Admin --13, Feb/ 2023

AoA thanks for contacting AGT institute. Sorry sir we are not offering online classes for Mobile phone software course. For more details please contact us on 03111444306. 

ObaidNiazai18 --19, Jan/ 2023

asalam o alaikum sir total expenses kitne hy fee course rehaish khana peena sab mila k or 2nd mobile software or hardware 2no course aik sath hyn ya separate fee hy

AGT Admin --02, Feb/ 2023

AoA sir. AGT rabta krny ka shukriya. Sir mobile hardware aur software course alag hain aur fee 22,000 ha. Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711505 pr rabta krein. 

Saifullah Hafeez --31, Aug/ 2022

I want learning courses in your center

AGT Admin --03, Sep/ 2022

Sir please contact us on 03111444306 for more details. 

Toufiq --26, Jan/ 2022

Please like to know if you do online training n study too name is Toufiq and i am from Ghana …interested in studying mobile phone software

AGT Admin --22, Feb/ 2022

Kindly check your whatsaap for further details

Ali --12, Jun/ 2021

Fees kitne Hi

AGT Admin --17, Jun/ 2021

Mobile Software professional course ki fee 10500 ha 
duration 1 month 
certificate 6 month 
Rozana 2 ghanty ki class hoti ha 
30 minutes theory or 90 minutes practicall krwaya jata ha 03165711505

Shahid Hussain --18, Mar/ 2021

sir muhje ye course karna hai aur FULL computer kA b muhje course online karna hai to please bta dy k iski fee kya hogi

zee --26, Feb/ 2021

nice one keep posting

Naveed --29, Jan/ 2021

Mobile software course

Naveed --29, Jan/ 2021

Mobile software course

AGT Admin --02, Feb/ 2021

Mobile phone software professional course ki fee 10500 ha
Course duration 1 month ha 
30 mint theory 
90 minutes practicall rozana 03165711505

saifullah --22, Jan/ 2021

Asslam o alikum Dear's Sir Main mobile softwere Sekhna Chahta ho, Mobile softwere coursse ki kitni fee hai aur kitni Dair ka courss hai Aur Hostel ki fee kitni hai , Apkay Reply ka muntzir

AGT Admin --26, Jan/ 2021

walaikum salam , Mobile phone software professional course ki fee 10500 ha
Course duration 1 month ha 
30 mint theory 
90 minutes practicall rozana


muhammad tayyab --29, Dec/ 2020

assalam o alikum .me lahore sy hun me rawalpindi nhi askt kya ye apka course online mil skta he kisi tareky sy ?

Amanullah --17, Dec/ 2020

online sikhate ho ap

AGT Admin --18, Dec/ 2020

Aoa , sir Mobile Phone Software ka course online b krwaya jata ha or ap istitute aa kay b kr skty han,  out off city kay students kay liye hmary paas hostel ki sahulat b mojood ha.

Muhammad Haq nawaz --13, Dec/ 2020

Sir, kia yeh course online ho skta hair.

AGT Admin --14, Dec/ 2020

ap apna number send kren ap ko call kr kay course kay mutalliq tamaam malomaat faraham kr di jaen gi yaa whatsapp kren 03165711505

ranazada --27, Nov/ 2020

sir online flashing / i cloud unlocking b sekhaty hain k ni plz reply

AGT Admin --05, Dec/ 2020

g bilkul sikhaya jata ha , ap mobile phone software professional course online b seekh skty han or yahan aa kay b seekh skty han . 


prince zohaib --30, Oct/ 2020

mobile repairing and softeware course krna chahty hain hum apka office kdir hai? sargodha city k andar hai koi institute?

khalilullah --28, Oct/ 2020

Assalamu Alaikum, Is there any age restriction. When you are starting new course. Regards,

Ashiq --06, Oct/ 2020


AGT Admin --06, Oct/ 2020

ap apna number send kijiye apko call kr kay course kay mutalliq tamaam maloomat faraham kr di jaen gi yaa whatsapp kren 03165711505
PH num: 03111-444-306

Farukhmajeed --24, Sep/ 2020

Kai sir online earning forex trading ka behi course ho raha hay ya nhi main nai phily behi agt college say civil survey ka course kaya abhi tak bay roza gahr hon

AGT Admin --24, Sep/ 2020

nhi forex trading ka course nhi krwa rhy hum


BILAL latif --12, Sep/ 2020

ma ya cours krna chta please bata dy kha par karvaty ha

AGT Admin --24, Sep/ 2020

address: AGT PLAZA , OPPOSITE RANIA MALL , BANK ROAD SADAR RWP.Contact number : 03111444306 or whatsapp 03165744505


Md Saiful Islam --11, Sep/ 2020

I agre for this course I hope this cource change my life

AGT Admin --11, Sep/ 2020

Inshallah aap ye course krain . aap ki life zaroor change ho g 


Hi, Sir i want to do this course but i have timing issue i'm free after 6PM please tell me is any other timing after 6PM

AGT Admin --24, Sep/ 2020

class time 3 pm to 5pm ha ... 

Ghulam Dastgir --09, Sep/ 2020

Dear Sir, Main Ufi or Jtag plus ka software seekhna chahta ho agr ye service available hai to contact me

digrajsinh solanki --12, Dec/ 2019

Mobile Phone Software Professional Course please sir i want learn this course.

AGT Admin --13, Dec/ 2019

Admissions are open mobile phone software 1 month course duration total fees 10300

Kashan Qureshi --05, Dec/ 2019

Asalam O Alaikum Sir mujhe Mobile Software course sikhna hai to kia ap mujhe bta sakte hein Karachi mai konsi jaga hai or rihaish hostle mai krna zaruri hai

AGT Admin --06, Dec/ 2019

walakum asalam Rawalpindi main institute hai humari koi or branch nahi hai out of station stutends k liya hostel ki sahulat majood hai ap wo avail kar sakty hain mazeed detail k liya ap ko call ajy gi 

Muhammadnaeem --20, Jul/ 2019

Mujy ya course krna ha es k Lia talimktni hona chia or hostel main rish ka Kia mamla rasih free ha khana b free es ky bary main Bata Dena ok

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2019

mobile phone software course duration 1 month hai or total fees 10,000 hai taleem ka koi issue nahi hai koi b kar sakta hai hostel fees per month 7000 hai es main ap ko 3 time mess or rehaish b di jy gi 

Asif --01, Jun/ 2019

Karachi me iski koi branch hai aur mukammal course ki fees kiya hai.

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

Mobile Phone Software Professional Course duration 1 month total fees 10,000 sorry only RWP hostil facility available hai 

fazal wahab --10, May/ 2019

sir mujhy mobile hardwear course ke details chaheye. ap ke fee ketni hai mobile cours ke our hostal ke

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

mobile phone repairing course duration 1 month hai or total fees 8300 hostel fees per month 7000 with 3 time mess 

iqbal --30, Apr/ 2019

Asalam O Alikum Mai ya course karna chahata hon.Kitne month ka course hai ky price ha

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

walakum asalam Mobile Phone Software Professional Course duration 1 month & total fees 10,000

sohail khan --16, Mar/ 2019

karachi main kis kis jaga hy ap k institute

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

sorry only RWP hostel facility available hai ap wo avail kar sakty hain 

Safdar Ali --13, Mar/ 2019

Kia main yeh course ghar pay kar sakta hoon ?

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

ap ko institute ana hu ga ap hostel avil kar sakty hain 

jan sher thaheem --09, Mar/ 2019

sir apke pas mobile unlocking or flashing ka course kitne month ka hai or kia Fee hai

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

Mobile Phone Software Professional Course main ap  flashing, mobile unlocking, sara work sehkaya jy ga course duration 1 month hai or total fees 10,000

Raja Uzair Ahmad Kiyani --23, Jun/ 2018

I want to learn about mobile phone repairing

Umar --28, Apr/ 2018

Sir Ap keh Rahy Hain 1 Month Ka Course Hai Software Ka Nd Same Hardware ka to yeh pochna Hai mujy Agar 1 Month Mein Hamain Samjh Na Lagy Too ???

AGT Admin --05, May/ 2018

1 month main ap ko practically training de jy ge agr ap nahe smaj saky to ap ko mazeed days da deya jyn gay us he fees main

ABDUL WAHAB --13, Apr/ 2018

sir g ... main software course krna chahta ho... is main hostel wagera ka systm kaisa hy...AUR hostel ki fee hogi ya free

AGT Admin --16, Apr/ 2018

ap institute ajyn admissions open hain 1 month course duration hai 6 months ka ap ko certificate diya jy ga total fees 10,000 hai hostel main ap ko mess, laundry  , or internet ki facility b de jy ge or total charges 7000 hain

SHAHID --26, Mar/ 2018

AoA, wana need this course ,, please give some recent updates, any campus or branch at Karachi>>?

AGT Admin --27, Mar/ 2018

sorry only rawalpindi hostel ki facility majood hai ap wo avail kar sakty hain 1 month course duration hai 6 month ka certificate diya jy ga or total fees 12,000 hai 

Abdul Shakoor --19, Mar/ 2018

call me sir i am pakisani mana mobile soft ke traing lani hai

AGT Admin --19, Mar/ 2018

shukria information k liya ap ko call ajy ge 

vikas sahoo --21, Feb/ 2018

i have intrsit mobile software

AGT Admin --22, Feb/ 2018

ap institute ajyn admissions open hain 1 month ka courser hai 6 month ka ap ko certificate diya jy ga or 12,000 fees hai

farman ali --11, Feb/ 2018

assalam o alaiku, bhai jaan .... menay ap say puchna tha kay ap online class krwatay hai mei lhr me hta hooo tou waha nahi aa skta is kay baray mei ap bta day.....................

AGT Admin --12, Feb/ 2018

walakum salam sorry online courses nahe karwaty ap ko institute ana hu ga institute ka hostel majood hai ap wo avail kar sakty hain 

muhammad qasim --16, Jan/ 2018

MashALLAH tariqa kar pleas gmail par roz roz ka kors send kry

AGT Admin --17, Jan/ 2018

muhammad qasim ap btaen gyn ap ko kon sy course ki information chahy hai?

Farhan --12, Sep/ 2017

Salam Ap apna number or addresses bata dey

AGT Admin --13, Sep/ 2017

walakum salam ap 03085553964 pr rabta kar sakty hain or address Rawalpindi sadder bank road opposite rania mall AGT institute hai hai

Muhammad Yousuf --11, Sep/ 2017

Salam sir admission ki last date kab by

AGT Admin --12, Sep/ 2017

admissions open hain ap ajyn

Syed Nasir --18, Jun/ 2017

Slm my ak dukan wala hun mobile ki shop ha meri kia my software k course my hissa ly sakta hun ?

AGT Admin --30, Jun/ 2017

g ap b mobile software course ma admission lay sakty han Mobile software phone professional 1 Month ka course ha is ka certificate 6 Month ka diya jata ha is ki fee 12,000 ha

Ashfaq Hussain --26, Mar/ 2017

AOA sir kia ye mobile repairing full course like software and hardware matric ke baad ho sakta hain .. Ans me

AGT Admin --04, Apr/ 2017

g ho sakta ha mobile hardware or mobile software 2 alag alag courses ha per ap at a time y 2no course aik sath kar sakty han hardware ki sunha ki class or software ki sham ki class y course ap ko fee back guaranty k sath karwya jata ha admission start han

Hameed khan --16, Mar/ 2017

Plz Admin: mai aur mere dost addmesion karwana chaty he..kindly hamein ye bataein k addmesion lene k lye matric ya f.a "dmc" or "certifect to zarori he ya ni......plz reply me detail

AGT Admin --17, Mar/ 2017

ap institute tashreef ly aye sirf apna id card ly ayen ap ka admission hu jy ga admissions open hain

Hameed khan --16, Mar/ 2017

Plz Admin: mai aur mere dost addmesion karwana chaty he..kindly hamein ye bataein k addmesion lene k lye matric ya f.a "dmc" or "certifect to zarori he ya ni......plz reply me detail

AGT Admin --17, Mar/ 2017

ap institute tashreef ly aye sirf apna id card ly aye admission open hain

saad ahmed --09, Mar/ 2017

salam sir g hamy spkoen eng ka course krna so plzz ap hamy btay k kitna khrcha ay ga ?? full detail k sat plzzz

Umer Mahmood KhoKhar --27, Feb/ 2017

Dear Mr. Faisal, millions blessing hand always rise for you and your hard working team. zero3009139123

AGT Admin --04, Mar/ 2017

thank u so much

Muhammad ibrahim --24, Feb/ 2017

A.o.a sir g mobile software cource ki fee katni he

AGT Admin --24, Feb/ 2017

W.salam Mobile software phone professional 1 Month ka course hy...iska diploma apko 6 Month ka dia jy ga...course ki fee10000 hy...tamam work practically shikaieya jata hy

Ayyubaslam --12, Feb/ 2017

Ma b admission karwana chata ho

AGT Admin --17, Feb/ 2017

most welcome ap ajy admission start han WEB DESIGNING COURSE 2 Month ka course ha is ka diploma ap ko 6 Month ka diya jata ha is ki fee 10,000 ha kisi b course ki information k liye ap apna number send kary facebook ma agt k page ko like kary ,photo album ma aj kar ap apny course ki album visit kary per b visit kar sakty han watsapp num 03085553965 HOSTEL FREE rawalpindi sadder bank road apposite rania mall,agt say rabta karny k liye shukiya

Muhammad usman --20, Jan/ 2017

I want to get this course.starting kab Han course???

AGT Admin --22, Feb/ 2017

har monday sy new batch start hota hai ap a kar admission ly sakty hain

Muhammad Arslan --17, Jan/ 2017

Dear Sir/ Mam, Please tell us how many Fee of english course of 6 month and 1 year.

AGT Admin --17, Mar/ 2017

SPOKEN ENGLISH LANGUAGE course duration is 2 month...6 MONTHS diploma will ba provided you at the end of course...course fee7,000 will be charged...

Ghayoor Awan --27, Dec/ 2016

sir MeiN yeh COURe Karna chta hun is coure ki Fees katni ho gye

AGT Admin --22, Feb/ 2017

shukria ap ny AGT sy rabta kea 10,000 es course ki fees hai

azhar hussain shah --17, Dec/ 2016

i have did course there in your institute .. but need more improvement for i cloud of iphone then how can i do now because its necessary now to do that here in market we should know about it so now want to learn more about that subject .. because our teacher was mohd asim who is saftwear teacher so wish to teach with him online so you have online course timing

AGT Admin --19, Dec/ 2016

Azhar we are very sorry but we do not have any online processes.

Mubashar Munir --05, Dec/ 2016

Connect me on Email i want some hlip

AGT Admin --06, Dec/ 2016

kindly send your querry at

yasir maqbool --03, Dec/ 2016

Salam... i need information regardig tally i m working in uae and now here in mansehra on holidays.. i want to learn tally i m working in peachtree but my problm is m not have much time one month if this is possible that course csn complete 15 20 days ? Plz give me detail thanx

AGT Admin --05, Dec/ 2016

Tally ERP-9 module course completion is 1 month, course fee is 5000. you must come ASAP so you may start the course and complete it within time period, we can also give you extra time if required.

HARIS --16, Nov/ 2016

kya ap driving course kraty hain?

AGT Admin --17, Nov/ 2016

filhal ni karwa rahai par jald start karain gain. ap hamara facebook par page like kar lain wahan sb updates ati hain @agtofficialpage

shoaib --12, Nov/ 2016

Sir online kowi cors nhi hota ma to job ma ho

AGT Admin --14, Nov/ 2016

Filhal online koe courses ni karwai ja rahai.

Tarish mirza --10, Nov/ 2016

Assalam-u-Alaikum Sir main lalamusa/gujrat se hun main under matric hun but can't give exams according some problems lkn maine 2 saal HW/SW thora thora seekha hai basic. Ap jo 1 month ka course karwaty hain us k baad diploma dete hain aur hostel and course ki total fees kya hai? Reply me Fast.. Thank you

AGT Admin --11, Nov/ 2016

Ap bilkul mobile software ka course kr sktay hain, hamaray yahan hostel ki facility b available hai, course k ikhtitam r diploma bilkul diya jata hai. course ki fee Rs. 10000 and hostal ki fee Rs. 6000 hai.

Nasib khan --08, Nov/ 2016

asslam-u-alaikum Sir mera mobile acceries ka dukan he leken me ne abi tak repairing ka kam nahi sika kya me 1month me ye kam meri samaj me ajaigi aur total harcha kitna ayega

AGT Admin --08, Nov/ 2016

Walekum Assalam! jee bilkul ap ik month mai tamam mobile repair ka kam sekh sktay hain total kharcha 7000 ayega, apko har chez sikha di jaige mobile hardware k hawalay se.

ch Farhan --05, Nov/ 2016

i love agt because sir asim is too good teacher

AGT Admin --05, Nov/ 2016

Thank u very much for your feed back farhan.

muhammad jamil --04, Nov/ 2016

SIR , i have done .i want tally course .what is time peroid and start new classes

AGT Admin --05, Nov/ 2016

Dear Jamil, Tally ERP9 course is offered and completion of course is of 1 month and fee is Rs 5000 for full course. classes will start from coming Friday, please visit institute for further details.

Imtiaz Ali --30, Oct/ 2016

Sir i want to ask a question about hostel accommodation. What is the charges and is there any facilities of laundry and food??

AGT Admin --31, Oct/ 2016

yes laundry and food provided as well, 3 times meal, laundry, electricity, water, gas bills, fully furnished. total charges 7500.

Adeel --10, Oct/ 2016

Hi Again,I hope you are fine and doing well. Thank you will let me know. I ask a question can it is possible i admission a both course Computer Hardware & Networking Course the Timing is (11:00 TO 1:00) and Mobile Phone Repairing course the Timing is (3:00 TO 5:00).

AGT Admin --10, Oct/ 2016

yes you can get admission in both. you have to visit institute for more details

Adeel --07, Oct/ 2016

As-salamu alaykum Admin You do an SEO Training Course? If yes, how much it fees?

AGT Admin --08, Oct/ 2016

dear adeel, we do not offer SEO training currently but will start in near future. we updated your record in system, whenever we will start we will let u know. you may visit us for further information.

Bilal Bin Wasim --05, Oct/ 2016

I want to know that will you provide job after Mobile software and hardware course? Is it possible to do both courses at a time? Any discount?

AGT Admin --07, Oct/ 2016

Please visit institute for detail discussion. Yes you may do both courses at same time and discounts will be given. if we have any jobs in gulf or malaysia we will refer you to that and will arrange your interview if you git selected you can go and work there.

Awais rana --05, Oct/ 2016

Sir software course ki full fees kitni ha or kitny mah ka ha sari details btao

AGT Admin --07, Oct/ 2016

Mobile phone software ka course 6 month ka hai aur completion period 1 month hai, poray course ki fee 10000 hai, ap institute tashreef lay ain mazeed malomat k liye.

Adnan ahmad nasir --12, Jul/ 2016

asslamu alaikum main ye pata krna chahta hn ky next mobile hardware ki classes kb start ho rahi hian...or hostel main kiya facilities milan gi.......thankx

AGT Admin --26, Aug/ 2016

Mobile software k different batches hain, ap ajain jo latest batch start ho raha hai us mai apko adjust kiya jaiga. Hostal facility available hai is mai apko 6000 mai 3 times meal, standby generator, laundry, all utility bills include hain.

Ghayoor abbas --26, Jun/ 2016

sir ma bank ma job karta hu. kay app sat or sunday ko classes day sakta ha..agher asa nahe to app sirf sat ko clases dy aor cource ki timimg barha da,....ya night class jo 8pm to 10pm tak hoe.....kindly muja bata dy...

AGT Admin --26, Aug/ 2016

saturday ko class hoti hai, agar ap enroll hona chah rahai hain to ap ajain, Saturday ko classes lain aur late class ka already hamne socha hai pr is par filhal kam jari hai.

usama umar --31, May/ 2016

Sir I want to take admission in this course. Please tell me the total fee for 3 months and when admissions will close

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2016

Web designing admission is open and we are offering discount till 1st of September, fee is 10000 for full course which is 2 months.

m akram --22, May/ 2016

dear sr main 1 month main mobile SW & HW sekhna chahta ho kia mumkin he

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2016

Bilkul ap sekh sktay hain 1 month mai, ap ajain ham spko sb information guide kar dain gain aur class b ap visit kar lain.

Fahad --20, Apr/ 2016

As salam o alaikum Mujhy mobile softwares seekhna hy Apki branch karachi me hy?

AGT Admin --25, Apr/ 2016

W.s, Hamari koi aur branch nahi hai, Sirf Rawalpindi mae hai AGT INSTITUTE , Opp. Rania Mall , Bank Road Saddar, Rawalpindi

Taimoor --17, Mar/ 2016

Kya institute Sunday ko open hota ha.

AGT Admin --19, Mar/ 2016

Monday to Saturday Classes hoti hain, Sunday off hai.

daud --06, Mar/ 2016

kindly inform me about the duration of mobile repairing course...

AGT Admin --09, Mar/ 2016

Mobile Hardware Class duration 01 Month, Morning & Evening classes Mobile Software Class duration 01 Month, Morning & Evening classes For more details call us: 0515562377

Saqib --05, Mar/ 2016

ager me fee jama karwa dun to kiya is ki all classes muje DVD me mill sakti hen na hi muje rwp ana pare or mera course b ho jae.

AGT Admin --09, Mar/ 2016

Classes Attend krna lazmi hain.

ahmad siddique --21, Feb/ 2016

i want to mobile course in your institute so give information me about your academic information . kindly

AGT Admin --23, Feb/ 2016

Mobile course information is available on website please click here for mobile courses info

ahmad siddique --21, Feb/ 2016

i want to mobile course in your institute so give information me about your academic information . kindly

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2017

Mobile software phone professional 1 Month ka course ha is ka diploma ap ka diploma ap ko 6 Month ka diya jata ha is ki fee 10000 ha ,admission start ha course kay

Choudhry sahib --12, Feb/ 2016

info me me about software.

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2016

is course main aap ko har Company k mobile k software installation trouble shooting security code ki locking unlocking detail m sikhai jati hai course ki fee website pay updated hai . admission kisi dn bhi krwa sktay hain mazeed details k leay agt k land line nmbr pay call kr lain 051-5562377

Tahir --09, Feb/ 2016


AGT Admin --11, Feb/ 2016

Tally Introduction With the fast-changing business scenario, experts in Taxation, Payroll Accounting, Excise and Service Tax are in high demand. The Tally.ERP9 course is all you need to grow your employment opportunities. The Course uses a feature-based approach to introduce students to Accounting on Computers. This step-by-step guide you to handle Accounting, Inventory, Statutory and other specific business roles in different types of businesses. Course Content ADVANCE TALLY.ERP9 Accounti

Arslan Rehman --21, Jan/ 2016

Asalam O Alikum Mai ya course karna chahata hon.Aik baat pochna chahta hoon hostel mai mai khanay ka bando bast hai k nai kindly es k baray mai mujay bata dain.Thank U

AGT Admin --25, Jan/ 2016

Thanks Arsalan for query . In our hostel laundry and meal is also available . For further details please call us 0515562377 or just comment here. Thanks ..

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