Welding Courses in Pakistan

Welding Courses in Pakistan

At AGT Institute, we take pride in presenting an advanced Welding Program designed to elevate your skills in the delightful world of metal expertise.

What is Welding?

Welding is the process of connecting two or more pieces of metal by melting and fusing them. This involves heating the metals to a high temperature, often using an electric arc, flame, or laser. Once heated, the metals cool and solidify, forming a powerful connection. The welding Process is used in different jobs, from building structures to manufacturing vehicles.

Expert Guidance and Hands-on Experience:

Taught by seasoned professionals, our courses ensure a deep understanding of welding principles, safety protocols, and practical proficiency. AGT Institute will show you cool things you can make with metal. Plus, it opens up opportunities for work in different places around the world, where your welding skills will be really useful.

What is the Welding Process?

welding is a process that's all about getting metals to stick together really well. One way to do it is with arc welding, where you use electricity to make a super-hot spark that melts the metal pieces. When it cools down, they create a strong bond.
Gas welding is another way it's like using a special flame to melt the metals. There's also a cool method called resistance welding, where electricity helps compress the metals together, creating a strong bond. Welding is not just one size fits all there are high-tech versions too, like laser welding and ultrasonic welding, which are like the graceful moves of welding.
Welding is a big deal in building stuff like cars, buildings, and machines. Safety is key, so welders need to know the ropes to make things strong and safe. It's like magic but with safety goggles!

Types of Welding:

There are different ways to weld, and each way has its special features. They work well for different materials and jobs. The major types are:

SMAW Welding.
GTAW Welding.
FCAW Welding.
Multiwelding 6G (SMAW+GTAW).

AGT Institute is the perfect place to learn how to join metals and make it an art. It's not just about knowing the skill but doing it with style. You can unlock your potential here and build a strong foundation for a cool career.

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