The MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course offered at AGT Institute is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of professional graphic designing. This comprehensive course covers various aspects of welding techniques, including Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), enabling students to become proficient in both techniques.

Course Details:

The MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course is structured to provide a solid foundation in welding fundamentals and advanced techniques. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and practical hands-on training, students gain a deep understanding of welding processes, safety protocols, equipment operation, and industry best practices.

Course Benefits:

Enhanced employability: By acquiring proficiency in both SMAW and GTAW techniques, students broaden their career prospects and become more attractive to potential employers.

Practical skills development: The course focuses on hands-on training, allowing students to gain practical experience in welding 

Industry-relevant curriculum: The course curriculum is regularly updated to align with the latest industry trends and standards, ensuring students receive the most up-to-date knowledge.

Experienced instructors: AGT Institute boasts a team of skilled and experienced instructors who provide personalized guidance and mentorship to students throughout the course.

State-of-the-art facilities: The institute is equipped with modern welding labs and cutting-edge software, providing students with a conducive learning environment.

Course Outline:

The MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course covers the following topics:

Introduction to welding 

Welding safety and equipment operation

SMAW welding techniques and applications

GTAW welding techniques and applications

Welding joint preparation and inspection

Welding codes and standards

Welding defect analysis and correction

Practical welding exercises and projects


Course Outcome:

Upon completion of the MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course, students can expect the following outcomes:

  • Proficiency in SMAW and GTAW welding techniques.
  • Ability to read and interpret welding blueprints and specifications.
  • Understanding of welding codes, standards, and safety procedures.
  • Competence in using graphic design software for creating visually appealing designs.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the context of welding and graphic designing.


As a MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) professional, individuals can enjoy competitive salaries. The salary varies depending on factors such as location, experience, and industry demand. However, on average, professionals in this field can expect a promising income with the potential for career growth.

Class Timing & Schedule:

AGT Institute offers flexible class timings to accommodate different schedules. Morning, afternoon, and evening batches are available, allowing students to choose the most convenient option for their learning needs.

MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Welding Course Certificate:

Upon successful completion of the MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course, students will receive a certificate from AGT Institute. This certificate serves as a testament to their proficiency in both SMAW and GTAW welding techniques, as well as their competence in graphic designing software. The certificate can be a valuable asset when seeking employment in the welding industry.

Hostel Facility:

AGT Institute understands the needs of out-of-town students and provides hostel facilities to ensure a comfortable stay during the course. The hostels are well-maintained, secure, and conveniently located near the institute. Students can enjoy a conducive learning environment while having access to amenities that cater to their daily needs.

MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Job Opportunities:

The MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course opens up a wide range of job opportunities for graduates. Welding professionals with proficiency in both SMAW and GTAW techniques are highly sought after in industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, shipbuilding, and aerospace. Graduates can explore careers as welding technicians, welders, welding inspectors, or pursue entrepreneurial ventures in the field of Welding.


The MULTI WELDING 6G (SMAW+GTAW) Course at AGT Institute offers a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience in the field of professional graphic designing. With a well-structured curriculum, experienced instructors, and industry-relevant training, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the welding industry. The course provides numerous benefits, promising job opportunities, and a pathway to a successful career in welding.

AGT Tech has well defined course modules and training sessions for students as per international standards. Students will be awarded six months AGT Tech training certificate after completion of two months (2 months) training course. If you want to have Cisco Certificate then you will have to appear for their exam as per their fee and exam schedules. The course timings, starting dates, intakes and fees structure details are as under:-

Starting Dates Class Timings Status Fee
21 Sep 2023 03:00 to 06:00 Open Rs. 130000
22 Sep 2023 09:00 to 12:00 Open


Muhammad Waqar Aslam --09, Nov/ 2023

Aoa Multi welding me kn c welding includes hn pls tell

AGT Admin --24, Nov/ 2023

Sir Multi welding me Arc aur Tig welding shamil ha.
Mazeed malomaat k liye whatsapp pe rabta kren 03165711504. 

Muhammad Waheed --27, Oct/ 2023

1) Sir multi welding k admission k liye education Kiya honi chahiye??? 2) Aur hostel fee kitni hai??? (3) Admission k liye AGT visit krna hoga ya online ho ga?????

AGT Admin --24, Nov/ 2023

Sir multi welding k course k liye restriction koi nahi ha.
Private hostels available haen 9 thousand se 12 thousand monthly charges haen.
Admission k liye ap edara visit kr skte haen,online bhi admission le skte haen but classes physical haen.
Mazeed malomaat k liye Whatsapp pe rabta kren 03165711504.

Ali --23, Sep/ 2023

Hi I am from Lahore I want to do multi welding course please give me information

AGT Admin --03, Oct/ 2023

Sir Multi welding course fee 130,000.
Course duration 2 month.
For more information kindly contact on Whatsapp 03165711504.

Najeeb --02, Aug/ 2023

Assalamu alaikum acha sir multi welding fees bta de or location

AGT Admin --07, Aug/ 2023

Sir Multi Welding Course fee 120,000.
Course Duration 2 months.
For more information kindly contact on whatsapp 03165711504.

Hassan --03, Apr/ 2023

Assalam o alaikum... sir multi welding course ki duration kia hai

AGT Admin --07, Apr/ 2023

AoA sir multi welding Duration 2 month, Fee 120,000 ha. Tig welding Duration 1 month, Fee 60,000 ha.  Arc welding Duration 1 month, Fee 60,000 ha.  Mig welding Duration 1 month, Fee 60,000 ha.
Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711501 pr rabta krein. 

TARIQ LODHI --01, Apr/ 2023

As Salam alekoum bro ya welding ka course kitnay din ka hay our iss ka kitna fee hay tora inform kar saktay hay please

AGT Admin --03, Apr/ 2023

AoA sir multi welding Duration 2 month, Fee 120,000 ha. Tig welding Duration 1 month, Fee 60,000 ha.  Arc welding Duration 1 month, Fee 60,000 ha.  Mig welding Duration 1 month, Fee 60,000 ha.
Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711501 pr rabta krein. 

Asad sajjad --08, Feb/ 2021

Good way for students

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