Certificate in IT Advance Course (CIT)

This Advance IT Training course (Computer operator Course) is aimed at students, who aspire to pursue employment in the office. This course is designed to provide students with professional competencies and equip them with skills set in Advanced IT so that they can apply these in the offices in general. You will be given exposure to introduction to computers, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, In-page, typing, windows installation, software installation, basic hardware, and networking knowledge, document preparation, filing, office skills, and related job terminologies. You need to have a basic knowledge and familiarity with the basic operating systems before getting admission into the Advance IT course. Right from the very first day at AGT Tech, you will be given direct exposure to a practical knowledge base along with the theory that makes our students distinctive in the industry.


This course is comprised of workplace-based training along with assessment which ensures knowledge and skills are properly assessed. The competence assessment of students after completion of the course includes a written examination, observation, demonstration, and oral questions & answers. Learning practical skills relevant to the latest practices gives you a clear advantage in the job market. You will be given exposure to the following outline for learning:-



What You Will Learn

AT AGT Institute, courses are designed with an aim to provide excellent and quality education which helps students to learn basic knowledge and develop a skill set in their respective fields. Our past track record is witnessed, that we have produced quite a hefty number of our students, who are enjoying healthy professional careers. Our experienced instructors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and best student facilities provide an excellent learning environment, which makes us distinctive and one of the best institutions in Pakistan. You will learn the complete concepts and practical usage of MS office 2016, Microsoft Access, In-page, typing, windows installation, software installation, basic hardware, and networking knowledge. The learning of MS office will enable you to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system along with knowledge of systems used in the office environments relating to IT, resulting in heightened levels of individual performance, confidence, and differentiation.

Microsoft Word 2016

  • How to get started with Word 2016
  • Word 2019 basics including navigation, editing, and saving
  • Character formatting in Word including Format Painter and AutoCorrect
  • How to properly work with bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word
  • All about formatting paragraphs and managing lists
  • Working with Tables in Word including formatting, converting data and formulas
  • Page appearance including page breaks, watermarks, and styles
  • All about Sectioning a document
  • Inserting graphics, pictures, shapes, icons, and 3d models (new for 2016)
  • All about mail merge and operating Word at scale
  • How to create an Index or Contents page
  • Reviewing and Printing in Word and Page Setup
  • Protecting a Word document and basic macros in Word


Microsoft Excel 2016


  • Creating workbooks
  • Entering text, and numbers and working with dates
  • Navigating workbooks
  • Page setup and print options
  • Working with rows, columns, and cells
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Introduction to Functions and Formulas
  • Formatting in Excel, including formatting cells and numbers
  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Logical and lookup formulas - the basics


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

  • How to navigate around PowerPoint
  • Presentation dos and don'ts
  • Text and bullet edition options
  • How to use graphics, images, objects, and shapes
  • Using SmartArt
  • Working with Charts and Graphs
  • How to add audio and video to a presentation
  • All about transitions between slides
  • Animation, the animation pane, and motion paths
  • Setting your slideshow options
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • The backstage area of PowerPoint including printing a presentation


Microsoft Access 2016

  • Where to start in Microsoft Access and whether to use a template or not
  • How to modify Access to suit your needs
  • All about importing data and the datasheet view
  • How tables work in Access and how to create relationships between them
  • Creating forms and sub-forms that feed data into your tables
  • How to run queries in Access
  • Printing from Access
  • Exporting and reporting in Access

Inpage 2009

  • Introduction and basic information
  • Creating new page
  • Settings the page layout
  • Document preferences
  • Keyboard preferences
  • Difference between English and Urdu typing
  • User-defined keyboard
  • Aligning and formatting Text
  • Creating new colors for text and borders
  • Text box & title text box
  • Formatting the page
  • Text box and title text box
  • Picture box (used to insert pictures in the document)
  • Basics of drawing tools in In-page
  • Making tables in In-page
  • Creating and using style sheet
  • Printing the document
  • Course Overview


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کمپیوٹر ایکسپرٹI.Tایڈوانس
Course Content
MS Power Point, MS word, MS Access, MS Excel, Networking, Internet, English Typing, Printing & Scaning, Windows Installation, Hardware Assembling, Software Installation, Urdu Typing
ایڈوانس انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی
ایڈوانس I.T کورس میں سٹوڈنٹس کو بنیادی ٹریننگ سے لے کر ایڈوانس لیول تک کمپیوٹر ٹریننگ دی جاتی ہے ۔اس کورس میں کمپیوٹر کے مختلف سافٹ ویئر اور پروگرامز پڑھائے اور ان کے ذریعے مختلف کام کرنا سیکھایا جاتا ہے اس کورس میں سٹوڈنٹس کو گارنٹی کے ساتھ اس قابل بنایا جاتا ہے کہ وہ سرکاری ،نیم سرکاری اور پرائیویٹ دفاتر ،کمپنی اور اداروں میں بطور کمپیوٹر آپریٹر ،کمپیوٹر ڈیٹا انٹری آپریٹر اور کمپیوٹر سے متعلقہ دوسرے کام بخوبی سرانجام دے سکتا ہے جن میں آفس کے اندر ہونے والے مختلف کام مثلاََ درخواست لکھنا ،فارم بھر نا،ایکسل شیٹ پر مختلف کام کرنا ،اکاؤنٹس اور ڈیٹا انٹری کے کام کرنا اس کے علاوہ کسی پراجیکٹ کی سلائیڈ کے ذریعے پریزنٹیشن دینا ،مختلف ڈاکومنٹس سکین کرنا اور ان کے پرنٹ کرنا وغیرہ شامل ہے ۔
کمپیوٹر نیٹ ورکنگ
اس کورس میں سٹوڈنٹس کو بنیادی کمپیوٹر نیٹ ورکنگ بھی سیکھائی جاتی ہے تاکہ کسی بھی کمپنی یا آفس میں جاب کرتے ہوئے سٹوڈنٹس اس قابل ہوں کہ پرنٹر کو شیئر کرسکے فولڈر شیئر کرسکے اور انٹرنیٹ اور نیٹ ورک کے چھوٹے موٹے مسائل کو حل کر سکے ۔
انگلش،اردو ٹائپنگ
اس کورس کے دوران سٹوڈنٹس کو انگلش اور اردو ٹائپنگ پر مکمل عبور حاصل کروایا جاتا ہے ۔
ای میل اینڈ ویب براؤزنگ
اس کورس میں سٹوڈنٹس کو ای میل اور ویب براؤزنگ کے متعلق تفصیل کے ساتھ پڑھایا جاتا ہے تاکہ وہ انٹر نیٹ کا صحیح طریقے سے استعمال کرتے ہوئے کمپنی یا آفس کو فائدہ دے سکے ۔

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Other Recommended Courses for You: 

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AGT Tech has well defined course modules and training sessions for students as per international standards. Students will be awarded six months AGT Tech training certificate after completion of two months (2 months) training course. If you want to have Cisco Certificate then you will have to appear for their exam as per their fee and exam schedules. The course timings, starting dates, intakes and fees structure details are as under:-

Starting Dates Class Timings Status Fee
07 Nov 2022 02:00 to 04:00 Closed Rs. 7000
17 Nov 2022 09:00 to 11:00 Closed
01 Dec 2022 12:00 to 02:00 Closed
12 Dec 2022 11:00 to 01:00 Closed
20 Dec 2022 03:00 to 05:00 Closed
25 Dec 2022 09:00 to 11:00 Closed
10 Jan 2023 10:00 to 12:00 Open
16 Jan 2023 02:00 to 04:00 Open
07 Nov 2023 10:00 to 12:00 Closed

  • Image Industrial Placement
  • Image Part-time study available
  • Image Alternative start dates available
  • Image Work placement opportunity
  • Image International Students can apply


irfan malik --21, Feb/ 2016

tell me hostel detail

AGT Admin --23, Feb/ 2016

hostel fee is 7500 Food laundry is also available.

Usman Ali --19, Jul/ 2016

6000 fee 1 month ki hai ya complete course ki?

AGT Admin --17, Aug/ 2016

6000 fee 2 Month ki ha

Usman Ali --19, Jul/ 2016

Sir plz tell me. 6000 fee 1 month ki hai ya complete course ki?. Plz reply

AGT Admin --26, Aug/ 2016

Ye poray course ki fee hai aur apk liye good news ye hai k abhi fee per discount hai 14 august ki waja se tou ap zror ain aur discount avail karain.

Ahtisham khalid --29, Sep/ 2016

sadr rawalpindi mujy it advace krna ha

AGT Admin --29, Sep/ 2016

Ap institute tashreef lay ain, hamara institute opposite rania mall bank road saddar rawalpindi mai hai. IT advance ka course 2 months ka hai.

Muhammad Bilal Rafique --18, Oct/ 2016

Dear Sir, i just want to do MS Excel that deal with financial accounting... Did AGT conduct this course?? what its fee and class timing??

AGT Admin --18, Oct/ 2016

Dear Bilal we do have this course Advance MS Excel in which you cover all the MS excel formulas related to financial accounting and many more functions, course completion is 1 month and fee is Rs. 5000. you must visit institute for more info.

Tehzeeb Hussain sanwal --01, Nov/ 2016

Sir me auto cad or Q.S sehkhna chata hun plzz mujhy information dain.

AGT Admin --01, Nov/ 2016

Auto cad aur QS ka course bilkul mojoud hai, dono courses 2 month mai complete krwai jatay hain. ap institute tashreef ay ain takeh mukammal information di ja sakay. aur 2 din ki free trail class b lay sktay hain. shukria

awais yaqoob --12, Nov/ 2016

i want to do two courses..Computer jis mein data entry operator aur ms word, excel aur basic thing cimputer ki a jaen ....2nd auto cad ...plz tell me when admission open in these courses and in fees kitni hoge

AGT Admin --13, Nov/ 2016

IT advance ki fee 5000 hai aur Auto CAD(civil) ki fee 9000 hai, dono courses 2 2 months k hain. admission start hain, ap institute ajain takeh apka admission ho aur ap course start karain.

Afazal --24, Dec/ 2016

Hello AGT Admission k liyea kiya kiya chea. Sath main hostle ki fees kiya ha.

AGT Admin --25, Dec/ 2016

admission k liye CNIC sath lay k ajain aur fee, hostel ki fee 6000 hai for 1 month.

Waqar --05, Jan/ 2017

Assalam o alykum.. dear sir kia 16 january ky bad is program mai admission mil skta hy kindly tel me plz..

AGT Admin --06, Jan/ 2017

walekum assalam, jee bilkul ho skta hai.

kaleem --12, Jan/ 2017

Mujay it advance maind akhla chahiay kub tak dakhlay July hain or in ka course Kia hai

AGT Admin --20, Feb/ 2017

admission start ha ap kab ana chaty han admission k liye?

Raja usman --17, Jan/ 2017

sir g my ny it course krna kitny month ka hai it mujy full detail send kr dy.most kindly

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2017

most welcome IT-ADVANCE 2 Month ka course ha is ka diploma ap ko 6 Month ka ha is ki fee 5,000 ha is ma different software per kam karya jata ha jasy ms.office ,ms excel power point,window installation etc

waqar --18, Jan/ 2017


faraz ahmad --15, Feb/ 2017

Assalam o alykum.. dear sir kya is program ma ab admission ho sakta ha kindly tel me plz ?

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2017

g ho sakta ha ap kab tak ana chaty han admission k liye?

Danish Nawaz --09, Dec/ 2017

hello sir, I want coputer course of typing.

AGT Admin --12, Dec/ 2017

Danish Nawaz

most wellcome aap IT Course kr sktay hain is ki duration 2 Months hai oar fee 5500 hai . mazeed tafseel aap website say daikh saktay hain oar hamary number par rabta bhi kr saktay hain. http://www.agt.edu.pk/advance-it-course.html

saqib ali --27, Feb/ 2018

sir salam sir mai mobile repairing course or office automation ka course krna chahta ho plz inform me about this i m from narowal and also kia hostel or food free hai other cities k lia

AGT Admin --28, Feb/ 2018

walakum salam mobile repairing 1 month ka course hai or fees 8000 hai or office automation b 1 month ka course hai or fees 3500 hai hostel ki facility b majood hai ap wo avail kar sakty hain 

Taimoor Shah --07, Apr/ 2018

Sir main multan mai rehta ho it advance ki akhri date or is course ki fee kitni hy

AGT Admin --10, Apr/ 2018

ap RWP ajyn hostel ki facility majood hai 2 months ka ya course hai 6 months ka ap ko certificate diya jy ga or total fees 5500 hai 

Mubashir iqbal --11, May/ 2018

Kindly timing and fee schedule bta day

AGT Admin --11, May/ 2018

2 month course duration 6 months ka ap ko certificate diya jy ga 2 hours ki class hoti hai total fees 4500 hai

Anika --24, Mar/ 2019

Kindly tell me Advance it course ki fee 5000 ik hi month m submit krwani h ya half half kr ky two months m b krwa skty hain?

AGT Admin --29, Aug/ 2019

 IT Advance Course duration 2 month hai or total fees 5800 hai ap fees installment  main jama karwa sakty hain half fees first month or half next month 

oneeb --15, May/ 2019

AoA sir mera question yeh ha kay IT course may kesy admission lay or prosedure kiya ho gah kindly btah day mujy mera admission ka kiyal ha is month or meh nay metric exam pass kiya howa ha.

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2019

ap institute ajyn apna CNIC sath layn admission hu jy ga education ka koi issue nahi hai 2 month course duration hai institute timing subha 9 sy sham 6 bjy tk ki hai 

abdul rehman --18, Jun/ 2019

Aoa.plz tell me in these holidays can we take admission in computer course? And what is fee charges?

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2019

yes you can take admission in institute computer operator course duration 2 months  total fees 5800

Fahad khan --03, Sep/ 2019

Please tell me Computer operator ka course ma Ms word excel or power point bi ata ha or is ki fees kitni ha

AGT Admin --03, Sep/ 2019

g computer operator course main complete MS office ap ko sehkaya jy ga 2 months course duration hai or total fees 5800 hai 

Khizar khan --20, Sep/ 2020

Sir ma computer k basic work sekna chata.Fee Kia ha or course ki duration Kia ha and admission kb tk open.please jaldi bata da.

Zia Ul islam --28, Dec/ 2020

Sir g, Computer Operator course ki total fees kitni hai? aur hostel fees?

AGT Admin --28, Dec/ 2020

ok computer course 2 months ka hai and 6 months ka certificate and 6000 fee  hai 


9 to 11 

11 to 1 

3 to 5

Owais Mehmood --26, Apr/ 2021

Sir mujy digital marketing, or graphics design krna Hy kindly ap batai kitny month Ka course Hy or fees kya Hy.plzz

AGT Admin --28, Feb/ 2022

Sir hum digital marketing nai karwaty mazid malumat ap ko call par farham kar di jaye gi

SYEDA TAYYABA --05, Jun/ 2021

please tell me some details related to the course fees, duration, location

Hafiz Abdul Qadir --26, Jul/ 2022

A.o.a sir main ne deta entry operater ki job par aply krna ha is lie muje certificate pahle chahye m full payment pahle de dn ga muje kia certificate pahle mil skti ha kia ?

AGT Admin --02, Aug/ 2022

Sorry sir without course certificate ni de skty. Agr apko computer ka kam ata ha to test clear kr k ap certificate hasil kr skty hain. Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711503 pr rabta krein. 

M. Uzair Asad --05, Oct/ 2022

Assalamoalikum sir, Sir, please tell me details of fee and hostel fee of one year.

AGT Admin --10, Oct/ 2022

AoA sir CIT course duration is 2 months and fee is 7000 for complete course. For more details please contact us on 0316-5711503. 

Shahbaz baig --17, Jan/ 2023

Need fees details for IT Advance course and duration of course

AGT Admin --17, Jan/ 2023

AoA thanks for contacting AGT institute. IT-Advance course duration 2 month and fee 7000. For more details please contact us on 0316-5711503. 

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