Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Courses

AGT Institute, located in Pakistan, presents comprehensive courses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, as well as Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Our specialized programs equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on skills, empowering them to excel in the dynamic field of climate control technology. Through expert instruction and practical training, students gain a deep understanding of refrigeration systems, air conditioning principles, heating techniques, and ventilation technologies. AGT Institute is dedicated to fostering a new generation of HVAC professionals, ready to meet the demands of the industry and contribute to a more comfortable and energy-efficient future.

Courses List

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course


Heating & Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC Course has been designed to impart skills concerning repair and maintenance of HVAC systems. It incorporates the knowledge and skills required to handle present day’s technological adva..Readmore