CCTV Installation & Maintinance Course

This course is comprised of workplace based training along with assessment which ensures knowledge and skills are properly assessed. The competence assessment of students after completion of course includes written examination, observation, demonstration and oral question & answers. Learning practical skills relevant to latest practices gives you a clear advantage in the job market. You will be given exposure to following outline for learning:-


Course Outline Duration Supplement
Introduction to CCTV installation Unit 1 Introduction to CCTV 2 Months Practical work in house – projects
CCTV Video signals (H 264, Mpeg 2)
Cabling and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax)
Crimping BNC, CAT5 & keystone connectors
Video transmission (analogue to digital, megapixel cameras)
Assembling a CCTV system Trouble shooting using CCTV tester
Unit 2 Electrical and CCTV installation How to design a cable run
Introduction to Ohms law
How to choose the right type of cable
Installing CCTV cameras with RG59 & CAT5
Installing CCTV power supplies
Using electrical tools
Unit 3 CCTV system designing Introduction to recording resolution, frames per second & lens sizes
How to calculate field of view (Selecting the correct types of lens size, recording resolution and configuring frames per second)
Digital CCTV storage and lighting (DVR storage calculator, Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV)
PTZ camera installation (Protocols, baud rate in PTZ
Installing camera housing for bigger projects with power
Installing Multiple PTZ cameras
Unit 4 Practical wiring of CCTV system Running cables for a CCTV system (CAT5 & coaxial)
Installing passive and active balun for long CCTV cable run
Running shot gun cable and use of cable pulling tips and techniques
Installing junction boxes
Unit 5 Networking in CCTV Remote access and mobile app viewing
Local area networking and wider are network
Assigning a local area IP address to a DVR and an IP camera
Techniques used in assigning an unique local IP address to a DVR
Private and public IP address
Port forwarding for CCTV systems
TCP and IP setting
Domain name servers
Mobile phone view for CCTV systems


CCTVکیمرہ ٹیکنیشن
نیٹ ورکنگ ،انسٹالیشن ،پروگرامنگ ،کوڈنگ ،ڈی کوڈنگ کرنا ،DVR, NVR کے سافٹ ویئر اور اس کے تمام فنکشن کو سمجھنا 
AGTمیں درج ذیل کیمروں کی مکمل انسٹالیشن ،وائرنگ ،ان کے فالٹ دور کرنا ،ان کو موٹر ائزڈ کرنا سیکھایا جاتا ہے 
ڈوم کیمرہ ،بلٹ کیمرہ ،باکس کیمرہ ،آئی ۔پی کیمرہ ،وائی فائی کیمرہ ،موٹرائز کیمرہ 
CCTVفیلڈ سیفٹی ٹریننگ ،،مکمل کورس ٹریننگ ،،انٹرویو کی تیاری ،،بطور CCTVکیمرہ ٹیکنیشن روزگار یا اپنے کاروبار کے لیے رہنمائی 

کورس کا تعارف 
CCTVکیمرہ ٹیکنیشن ایک ایسا کورس ہے جس میں سیکورٹی کے پیش نظر گھروں میں آفس ،بلڈنگ ،شاپنگ مالز ،پیٹرول پمپ ،بینک ،ATM مشین ،سرکاری و نیم سرکاری اور پرائیویٹ دفاتر میں ہر جگہ سیکورٹی کیمرہ کی ضرورت ہے ۔ان سیکورٹی کیمرہ کی مدد سے ان جگہوں پر ہونے والے کوئی بھی حادثات جن میں ،چوری ،ڈکیتی ،دہشت گردی یا مشکوک افراد کا گھومنا پھرنا وغیرہ شامل ہے کی مانیٹرنگ کے لیے ان جگہوں پر سیکورٹی سسٹم انسٹال کیا جاتا ہے تاکہ ان تمام جگہوں کی چوبیس گھنٹے نگرانی کی جاسکے اور کسی حادثہ کی صورت میں یا ضرورت کے تحت سیکورٹی سسٹم کے اندر مطلوبہ وقت میں ہونے والے کسی بھی واقعے کی CCTV تصاویر یا ویڈیو حاصل کرکے ذمہ دار افراد کی نشاندہی کی جاسکے ۔
کورس کی نمایاں خصوصیات 
* DVRاور NVRکی پروگرامنگ سیکھانا اور کسی بھی مخصوص وقت کی ریکارڈنگ چیک کرنا 
* آئی ۔پی اور ڈیوائس ڈومین کے ذریعے کیمروں کی لائیو ویڈیو ز کو موبائل فون ،ٹیپ یا لیپ ٹاپ پر ددیکھانا
* DVRاور NVRکی ہارڈ ڈرائیوز میں موجود ڈیٹا جو کسی حادثے یا چوری کی نشاندہی کرتا ہو کوکاپی کرکے USBمیں منتقل کرنا 
* فالٹ کی نشاندہی کے لیے آٹو میٹک ناک سسٹم ایکٹیویٹ کرنا 
* DDNSکے ذریعے انٹرنیشنل آن لائن سسٹم اکاؤنٹ بنان اور پھر کلائینٹ کو اس کے سیکورٹی سسٹم کا لائیو ویو دنیا کے کسی بھی حصے میں دیکھانا 

CCTVکیمرہ انسٹالیشن (وائرنگ )
AGTمیں تمام کیمروں کو DVRاور NVRسے منسلک کرنے کے لیے باقاعدہ وائرنگ نیٹ ورکنگ سیکھائی جاتی ہے جس میں مخصوص ایریا کی پیمائش ،تار کی پیمائش ،اور پی وی سی ڈکٹ کی پیمائش کرکے وائرنگ کروائی جاتی ہے ۔



AGT Tech has well defined course modules and training sessions for students as per international standards. Students will be awarded six months AGT Tech training certificate after completion of two months (2 months) training course. If you want to have Cisco Certificate then you will have to appear for their exam as per their fee and exam schedules. The course timings, starting dates, intakes and fees structure details are as under:-

Starting Dates Class Timings Status Fee
03 Oct 2022 09:00 to 11:00 Closed Rs. 10000
03 Nov 2022 09:00 to 11:00 Open
03 Nov 2022 02:00 to 04:00 Open

Today, technological advancement has made the world a global village. Alongside CCTV installation is increasingly playing a vital role across the globe in serving various organizations, businesses, and households to combat criminals and terrorist activities. If you want to become a professional CCTV installer, we recommend you to join our “CCTV Installation & Maintenance” Course and increase your demand professionally. Nowadays, CCTV installer has high demand, high growth prospects and high packages in the market as it provides you opportunity to develop knowledge and skill set in CCTV Installation & Maintenance field. This CCTV practical course provides you an exposure to the latest advancements in CCTV technology. This course provides very exciting career opportunities as at AGT Tech you have the opportunity to explore yourself and develop knowledge base, skills set and practical expertise on CCTV Installation & Maintenance, which will help you to growand earn respect and high increments.


What You Will Learn

AT AGT Tech, courses are designed with an aim to provide excellent and quality education, which helps studentsin learning the basic knowledge and developing skills set in their respective fields. You will be given comprehensive exposure to complete CCTV system design and planning process which will include installation, specification, IP setting, setup and maintenance of major elements of systems such as stands, identify spots, cabling, installing cameras, PTZ installation, lenses, NVRs, and DVR. You will also be exposed to installing and maintenance problems and teach you how to solve these issues.

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  • Image Work placement opportunity
  • Image International Students can apply


Muhammed istan --04, Mar/ 2016

Sir My Qualification is Diploma of associate engineering Electronics I want cctv maintenance and installation course Send full detail and admission procedure send On my email [email protected]

AGT Admin --22, Feb/ 2017

for all the details you must visit institute, course is of 1 month and fee for full course is Rs. 7000. Everything will be practically guided including few concepts of networking.

Shah rukh --28, Oct/ 2016

Sir can I get this course at my home. Or home based study. Because I am living so far away from the Rawalpindi

AGT Admin --30, Oct/ 2016

Dear shahrukh we are sorry but right now we are not offering home based study.

M.usman --31, Oct/ 2016

Sir i read cctv post on facebook,Sir I want to know about totly fee(course+hostel+food) and when will be start the classes what time,sir I'm a poor guy plz tell me concession fee

AGT Admin --31, Oct/ 2016

course fee 7000, accommodation free, food charges 6000 (200 per day) 3 times meal. class timings are from 9am-11am, 11am-1pm. this is all discounted fee, you must visit institute for further details.

Awais --04, Nov/ 2016

Sir i want to learn everything about cctv camera's please give me whole detail about fee for month and how long

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2017

Awais it's 1 month course .6 month diploma will be provided at the end of course .course fee 7000, accommodation free, food charges 6000 (200 per day) 3 times meal. class timings are from 9am-11am, 11am-1pm. this is all discounted fee, you must visit institute for further details.

Awais --04, Nov/ 2016

Sir i want to learn everything about cctv camera's please give me whole detail about fee for month and how long

AGT Admin --04, Nov/ 2016

for all the details you must visit institute, course is of 1 month and fee for full course is Rs. 7000. Everything will be practically guided including few concepts of networking.

Qasim --27, Dec/ 2016

Ap ap na office ka edres bats da Jo rwl pindi ma h our koi fon num sand kar da

AGT Admin --28, Dec/ 2016

Opposite rania mall bank road saddar Rawalpindi. 0301-5553965, aur numbers website pr mojoud hain.

Abdul Ghafoor --27, Dec/ 2016

plz give me information for admission

AGT Admin --28, Dec/ 2016

CCTV course 1 month mai complete krwaya jata hai 7000 fee hai full course ki.

Abdul Ghafoor --29, Dec/ 2016

sent me admission form plz +923405162005

AGT Admin --29, Dec/ 2016

no forms, you visit institute it will be filled by student counselors.

ijaz ullah --18, Jan/ 2017

web designeing

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2017

WEB DESIGNING COURSE 2 Month ka hy...iska diploma 6 Month ka dia jy ga...cousre ki fee7,000 hy...ap institute tashreef ly aiey apka admissioin ho jy ga

Zulfiqar Ahmed Danish --12, Feb/ 2017

Sir I read your all details about cc TV camera sir you don't online teach us about that.

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2017

Zulfiqar we are sorry but right now we are not offering online study.

usman --14, Feb/ 2017

Sir ma CCTV ka course Karna chahta hu is course fee or food ; hostle fee yani total harcha ketna ha or is ka addmishion date keya ha

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2017

usman admission start hian. cctv course 1 month ka krwieya jata hy..course ki fee 7000, rehaish free, food charges 6000 (200 per day).total kharcha 13000 hy. class timings are from 9am-11am, 11am-1pm. Ap institute visit kr lijiey apka admission ho jy ga...

zeeshan --21, Feb/ 2017

sir main job krta hon meri duty timing 10:00 am to 6;00 am hy . main course krna chata hon kia koi setting ho sakti hy ky main job pay bi ja sakkon or course bi kr sakkon???.please help me in this regard.

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2017

zeeshan agr apko friday ko jaldi chutti hoti hy or saturday off hota hy t apki 2 din ki class arrange ki ja skti hy....

Abbas --15, Jan/ 2018

Hello , can you please tell me the shortest course of cctv ... one thing I don’t have any knowledge about cctv but i am passionate to study about cctv . Now i am in china & i am studying other field ... i am coming in the end of this month... kindly guide me...

AGT Admin --16, Jan/ 2018

thank u for contact AGT institute Abbas cctv course duration is 1 month & certificate will be 6 months total fees of course is 8000 .no issue if you have no knowledge of cctv course teacher will teach you all the work with practical. 

Azaz --11, Mar/ 2018

CCTV k admissions kab say hen ?

AGT Admin --12, Mar/ 2018

azaz admissions open hain ap apna id card ly kar institute ajyn 

Nawroz ali --04, Apr/ 2018

Rawalpindi r Isb ma hn institute ?

AGT Admin --04, Apr/ 2018

AGT rawalpindi sadder bank road  py hai 


Faisal waheed --10, Jan/ 2019

I'm interested

AGT Admin --16, Jun/ 2019

ZAHID MEHMOOD --02, Jan/ 2020

Sir i am BSc Engr and want to do CCTV course from your institute. Can i join this course?

AGT Admin --03, Jan/ 2020

yes you can join,admissions are open CCTV Installation & Maintinance Course duration 1 month total fees 7000 .

Ali --07, Jan/ 2020

AGT is registered with which board and regulating body?

AGT Admin --08, Jan/ 2020


Muhammad --23, Sep/ 2020

AslumAlikum Sir/Madam I have done my Electrical Engineering From UET Peshawar now I am interested in CCTV Installation and maintenance course Regards Muhammad Ali email; [email protected] phone number 03125451527

AGT Admin --24, Sep/ 2020

Aoa sir,

agt sy rabta karny ka shukriya:

please visit AGT institute of Technical And Professional Education

Address: AGT institute of Technical And Professional Education Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi Bilmuqabil Rania Mall.

office timings 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

contact no: 03111-444-306 


Ibrahim Farooq --17, Nov/ 2020

i want informatoin

izhar hussain jalbani --28, Nov/ 2020

My office timings are 9:00 to 5;00 (Monday to friday) saturady is half day. can you please facilitate me in evening Shift or Saturday Sunday for CCTV course .

Sohaib Khalid --08, Jun/ 2021

sir tell me the location of your institute.

AGT Admin --16, Jun/ 2021

55/1, AGT Plaza, opposite Rania Mall 1st Floor Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi, Pakistan

saeed ullah yousafzai --26, Nov/ 2021

sir plz tell me about the fee structure of CCTV camera courses I am interested to join the first Dec

AGT Admin --22, Feb/ 2022

Sir kindly check your whatsapp please

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