Civil Surveyor Course (One Year Diploma)


When looking at the historical prospective of surveying, it was just started with the measurement of first plane line. However, today, the basics of land surveying are same but technologies and instruments have changed. Therefore, we use advance tools, methods and techniques to train our students. When looking at the competitive perspective, currently in Pakistan 98% of Government as well as private institutions are teaching an outdated course outline for chain survey and plan table survey which means that their students are less competitive and unemployed in the market. Whereas, studying this course in AGT Tech enables students to experience latest standards and techniques which are being used in Europe and Middle East.


What You Will Learn

Today, AGT Tech is a symbol of quality and excellence. Our experienced instructors, state of the art infrastructure and best students facilities, provide an excellent academic environment, which makes us distinctive and one of best institutions in Pakistan. This course is focused on developing the skills needed to accurately measure land, air and water space. This course program includes extensive field practice in the use of electronic and optical instruments used for measuring distance, elevations and angles from one point to another.In this context, our students experience live work on latest equipment such as lite auto level GPS, total station electronics laser, and lite DTSA.


Our experts from industry as part of our curriculum committee, review course outline time to time and make them up-to-date according to latest industry requirement and trends world over. Following outline is being followed:-


Course Outline Duration Supplement
GPS for Land Surveyors 2 Months Practical work in house – projects
Basic Geodesy of Today’s Land Surveyor
GIS in Surveying
Boundary Evidence & Principles
Route Surveying
Survey Problem Solving with Spreadsheets

سول سرویئر (لینڈ سرویئر )کورس

نوٹ : اسے ضرور پڑھیں ۔

پورے پاکستان میں 95%اداروں میں سروے کورس میں پڑھایا جانے والا نصاب (سلیبس )تقریباََ 30سال پرانا ہے جوکہ آج کل کے دور میں پوری دنیا میں کہیں بھی استعمال میں نہیں لایا جاتا جن میں چین سروے اور پلین ٹیبل سروے وغیر ہ شامل ہیں ۔جس کی وجہ سے سٹوڈنٹ کو کورس مکمل کرنے کے بعد بھی کسی سینئر سرویئر کے ساتھ بطور ہیلپر اپنی زندگی کے 4یا 5قیمتی سال ضائع کرنے پڑتے ہیں تب جاکہ وہ دور حاضر کے مطابق کام سیکھ پاتا ہے جبکہ AGTمیں دور حاضر کے جدید تقاضوں ،یورپ اور مڈل ایسٹ کے معیار کے مطابق جدید ترین ایکویپمنٹ پر طلبہ کی ٹریننگ کی جاتی ہے جس کی وجہ سے وہ اندرون ملک اور بیرون ملک با آسانی ٹیسٹ اور انٹرویو پاس کرتے ہیں اور پوری مہارت سے فیلڈ میں کام بھی کرتے ہیں ۔


ٹوٹل سٹیشن Total Station

کورس کے دوران سٹوڈنٹس کو ٹوٹل سٹیشن پر مندرجہ ذیل کام گارنٹی کے ساتھ سیکھایا جاتا ہے

ایریا کولیکشن کرنا

لے آؤٹ کرنا

ٹوپو گرافیکل سروے کرنا

روڈ سنٹر لائن مارک کرنا

ایک پوائنٹ کی مدد سے باقی پوائنٹ کے کوارڈینیٹ نکالنا

مختلف پوائنٹ کے درمیان فاصلہ ماپنا

 کسی بھی ٹاور ،پول یا بلڈنگ کی اونچائی ماپنا

کوارڈ ینیٹ کی مدد سے فاصلہ اور بیرنگ نکالنا

کوارڈینیٹ کی مدد سے بلڈنگ لے آؤٹ کرنا

بینچ مارک شفٹ کرنا

ٹوٹل سٹیشن سے ڈیٹا کمپیوٹر میں ٹرانسفر کرنا کمپیوٹر میں ڈرائینگ بنانا

کوارڈینیٹ کی مدد سے روڈ ،ریلوے لائن ،نہر کی سنٹر لائن مارک کرنا

ری سیکشن دو پوائنٹ کی مدد سے اپنے پوائنٹ کی پوزیشن معلوم کرنا

انٹر سیکشن دو معلوم پوائنٹس کی مدد سے تیسرے پوائنٹ کے ایسٹنگ ،ناردنگ ،الیویشن معلوم کرنا کوارڈینیٹ سے بلڈنگ لے آؤٹ کرنا

تھیوڈولائٹ Thedo Light


دو پوائنٹ کے درمیان زاویہ (Angle) پڑھنا

ٹراوس بچھانا

مختلف پوائنٹس کے درمیان اینگل اور زاویے معلوم کرنا


آٹو لیول Auto Level


آٹو لیول کی مدد سے کورس میں مندرجہ ذیل کام کرنا سیکھایا جاتا ہے

روڈL سیکشن

روڈ کراس سیکشن

چھت کا لیول دینا چھت کی ہائیٹ معلوم کرنا سلوپ مینٹین کرنا اور سلوپ نکالنا

نئے بنچ مارک مقرر کرنا اور پرانے بنچ مارک کو چیک کرنا بلڈنگ وغیرہ میں پوائنٹس کی نشاندہی کرنا مٹی کی کٹائی اور بھرائی کی مقدر معلو م کرنا

لانگ سیکشن اور کراس سیکشن کو گراف پر پلاٹ کرنا

فیس بیک گارنٹی :کورس ،پریکٹیکل ،تھیوری ،لیکچر کسی بھی چیز سے مطمئن نہ ہونے یا سرویئر کاکام نہ سیکھ سکنے کی صورت میں مکمل فیس بغیر کسی کٹوتی کے واپس





Civil Survey Course Brochure





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AGT Tech has well defined course modules and training sessions for students as per international standards. Students will be awarded six months AGT Tech training certificate after completion of two months (2 months) training course. If you want to have Cisco Certificate then you will have to appear for their exam as per their fee and exam schedules. The course timings, starting dates, intakes and fees structure details are as under:-

Starting Dates Class Timings Status Fee
06 Feb 2023 09:00 to 12:00 Closed Rs. 13000
20 Feb 2023 02:00 to 05:00 Open
06 Mar 2023 09:00 to 12:00 Open

  • Image Industrial Placement
  • Image Part-time study available
  • Image Alternative start dates available
  • Image Work placement opportunity
  • Image International Students can apply


Ihsaniqbal --08, Feb/ 2018

Education. Fsc City. Bannu Course. Computer offices

AGT Admin --08, Feb/ 2018

IT Advance 2 months ka course hai 6 months ka ap ko certificate diya jy ga or total fees 5500 hai ap ko tamam work practical k sath complete karwaya jy ga 

Rehan Ali --23, Feb/ 2018

Dear Sir Currently I am working in UAE and I have 5 year UAE experience in this field but I don't have diploma ...please anybody give me suggestion

AGT Admin --23, Feb/ 2018

Rehan Ali you need only diploma so you will come institute and take test about  civil survey and pay fees 60% of course fees(14000) then take your diploma. 

iftikhar hussain --12, Mar/ 2018

salam sir sir main ne civil serveyor ka sahiwal se course kia tha jis k bd 2 month ka expirnnce kia tha ab phr muje es ky lye training ki zarurit hn advice dn agt ma training k bd kisi companiy man training ki zarurit ho gi plz advice me

AGT Admin --12, Mar/ 2018

walakum salam ap AGT institute ajyn yahan ap ko practically traning de jy ge ap ko field main ly ja kar tamam work practically karwaya jy ga .

Safdar Ali --26, Mar/ 2018

I want to learn totalstatiion

AGT Admin --27, Mar/ 2018

ap institute ajyn admissions open hain  ONLY TOTAL STATION 1 Month ka course hai 3 Months ka ap ko certificate diya jy ga or fees  7,000 hai    

Tahir Mehmood --06, Apr/ 2018

I am looking for land surveyor Course can you plz guide ma about this

AGT Admin --10, Apr/ 2018

civil survey 2 months ka course hai 1 year ka ap ko diploma diya jy ga total fees 14,000 hai 

rehmat khaliq --13, May/ 2018

Sir dakhila kb Tak open hai last date kia hai

AGT Admin --14, May/ 2018

last date abi announced nahe hue ap institute ajyn abi admissions open hain 

toheed ashraf --24, Jul/ 2019

sir Civil Surveyor Course (One Year Diploma) k addmission kab say start hain ..plz mujhy date bta den

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2019

civil survey course duration 2 months hai or diploma ap ko 1 year ka diya jy ga total fees 13,000 hai  admissions open hain ap institute visit kar lyn

Usama --19, Aug/ 2019

Asalamalikum sir Mainy pochna tha k abi kia admission open hain mainy matric kiya hwa hai ab technical course krna chahta houn

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2019

walakum asalam g admissions open hain ap ny Civil survey ka course karna hai?

Muhammad imran --11, Jan/ 2020

Assalam-o-alaikum sir muje serveyor course k hawale se bat karni thi k course ki duration or admission open k hawale se please reply

AGT Admin --12, Jan/ 2020

walakum asalam admissions open hain Civil Surveyor Course duration 2 months class timing 9 to 12 total fees 13500 course ki mazeed information k liya ap ko call ajy gi 

Haroon akram --14, Jan/ 2020

Sir Land survey ka course kab start ho rha ha please tell me or is ki duration kitni ha or is ka sath practical kitna sikhaya jata ha.

AGT Admin --15, Jan/ 2020

civil survey course duration 2 months class timing subha 9 sy 12 total fees 13500 80% work ap ko practically sehkayn gy or 20% theory admissions open hain ap institute ajyn 

Raza --09, Sep/ 2020

Assalam u alikum ma ny abi complete ki ha ma civil surveyor course ma admission lana chahta hun pls guide me

AGT Admin --22, Sep/ 2020

aoa sir 

kesy hain ap?

civil survey ka course 2months ka hai jis m hum apko total station thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaty hen 

mazeed information k leay is no per rabta karen 03111444306 ya AGT visit karen thanks

Muhammad Atshan --11, Sep/ 2020

mera QS diploma gum gya he..mujhy dubara mil sakta he? plz sir a good solution

AGT Admin --22, Sep/ 2020

sir ap ny diploma kahan sy kiya tha

Fahad --29, Sep/ 2020

Asalamoalikum Sir Mene Admission Lyna ha Kiya procedure ha or kha py ana hoga ?????

AGT Admin --30, Sep/ 2020

Azlan --01, Oct/ 2020

Diploma Krna hai plumber work ka address de da ye jaga Kha hai

AGT Admin --01, Oct/ 2020

55/1, AGT Plaza, opposite Rania Mall 1st Floor Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi, Pakistan
+92 311 1444306

Nafees --06, Oct/ 2020

Sir Admision Kb sa starta hoga?

AGT Admin --06, Oct/ 2020

admission ho rhy hen


Mohammad Abul Hasnat Khan --29, Nov/ 2020

Sir Assalamulikum I am Bangladeshi. Can I do a land surveyor course? You will let me know about that

AGT Admin --29, Nov/ 2020

Meer Alam --06, Dec/ 2020

Sir i wanted to do something coarses regarding civil engineering. I'm from Balochistan. And i have two months in Karachi

AGT Admin --06, Dec/ 2020

civil survey ka course 2 months ka hai jis m apko total station , thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaya jata hai aur is course ki fees 13000 hai

Abdul Rehman --07, Dec/ 2020

sir please give me detail for civil surveyor course fees etc...

AGT Admin --07, Dec/ 2020

civil survey ka course 2 months ka hai jis m apko total station , thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaya jata hai aur is course ki fees 13000 hai

Awais --23, Dec/ 2020

Carpenter diploma of information

AGT Admin --24, Dec/ 2020


AGT Admin --24, Dec/ 2020

filhal ni carpenter ka course nhi krwa rhy

Usman Mansoor --26, Dec/ 2020

sir kia aap k pas hostel ki facility hai?

AGT Admin --27, Dec/ 2020

hamary pas hostel ki facility b hai jis m apko 3 time food wifi aur laundry ki facility di jay gi aur us ki fee 8000 hai

Hayat ullah --31, Dec/ 2020

What a procure of amdesion

AGT Admin --31, Dec/ 2020

Bring your cnic and fee to get enrolled in civil surveyor course 

AGT Admin --31, Dec/ 2020

civil survey ka course 2 months ka hai jis m apko total station , thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaya jata hai aur is course ki fees 13500 hai aur 1 year ka diploma mily ga 

Akbar --04, Jan/ 2021

I am interested

AGT Admin --05, Jan/ 2021

civil surveyor ka course 2 months ka hai jis m apko total station , thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaya jata hai aur is course ki fees 13500 hai aur 1 year ka diploma mily ga 


Umar shahzad --07, Jan/ 2021

Sir. Civil surveyor course karna chahta hu.. Admission kab kar sakhta course kary k bad mujhy mazeed experiance ki zarorat tu nahi pary ge?

AGT Admin --08, Jan/ 2021

civil surveyor ka course 2 months ka hai jis m apko total station , thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaya jata hai aur is course ki fees 13500 hai aur 1 year ka diploma mily ga

Hasnain Abbas --14, Jan/ 2021

Sir i need 1 year surveying diploma. With pbte board. Can i get 1 year legal diploma with regular board registration please reply me

AGT Admin --15, Jan/ 2021

we are not offering pbte diploma


AGT Admin --15, Jan/ 2021

we are not offering pbte diploma

SYED KHAWAR SHAH --22, Jan/ 2021

Sir men civil surveying ka dimploma krna chahta hun.practicaly

AGT Admin --22, Jan/ 2021

civil surveyor ka course 2 months ka hai jis m apko total station , thedo light aur auto level per kam sikhaya jata hai aur is course ki fees 13500 hai aur 1 year ka diploma mily ga

Safdar --18, Apr/ 2021

A.O.A Sir main ny fsc ki hui hy..r ab main civil surveyor ka course krna chahta hun..main karachi job kr rha hun. m regularl classes ni ly skta.. kia apka institute online course ki faculty deta hy???

AGT Admin --03, Jun/ 2021

Aoa Dear ye course online nhi hai 

Muhammad Afzaal --24, Dec/ 2021

Sir mein civil survey ka course karna chahata ho detailes and location

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2022

Sir kindly apna whatsapp check kar ly

Hafeez Ur rahman --01, Jun/ 2022

????? ????? ????? ????? ? ?????? ???? ????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ????????? ??? ????? ??? ???????? ?? ???????? ????? ?? ??? ?? 3 ????? ?? ???? ????? ?? 13 ??? ????? ??? ?????? ??

AGT Admin --02, Aug/ 2022

Sir how can we help you?

Adil ali --15, Jul/ 2022

Sir kia na abi join kar sakata hu

AGT Admin --02, Aug/ 2022

Yes sir ap abi b join kr skty hain. Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711504 pr rabta kr lein. 

WASEEM abbas --25, Nov/ 2022

Sir maine FA kiya howa hy kiya mein Civil Surveyor ka diploma kr skta hn or agr kr skta hn tu kahn sy hoga online bhe ho skta hy kiya

AGT Admin --29, Nov/ 2022

Sir ap civil surveyor ka diploma kr skty hain aur iski on campus classes hti hain. Mazeed maloomat k lie 0316-5711504 pr rabta kr skty hain. 

Abdul basit --22, Feb/ 2023

Sir Aslam wali kom I have 7 year EXPERIENCES as civil sarveyar but I need Diploma for 2 year or 3 year you can provide for me civil supervisor 2 year and AutoCAD 1year this all in 1 Diploma in 3 year

AGT Admin --27, Feb/ 2023

W.salam sorry sir we are not offering 2, 3 years diploma. For more details please contact us on 0316-5711504. 

Atta Ullah --20, Mar/ 2023

Dear sir, please clarify me did your institute and (civil surveyor 1 year diploma) is approved by HEC Pakistan.

AGT Admin --24, Mar/ 2023

AoA thanks for contacting AGT institute. Sir HEC only approves degree programmes not short courses. For more details please contact us on 03111444306. Thanks 

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