Plumber + Pipe Fitter Course

This course is comprised of workplace based training along with assessment which ensures knowledge and skills are properly assessed. The competence assessment of students after completion of course includes written examination, observation, demonstration and oral question & answers. Learning practical skills relevant to current construction management gives you a clear advantage in the job market. You will be given exposure to following outline for learning:-


Course Outline Duration Supplement
Introduction to plumbing systems, hygienic facilities design, piping installations placing 2 Months Practical work – On Site Projects
Understanding of diametric drawings and procedure
Plan procedures, drawing, structure of water systems and interpretation
Plumbing fixtures, traps, sanitary draw-of taps and flushing devices
Understanding and introduction to tools and equipments used for plumbing & pipe fitting
disposal of wastewaters from buildings, hydraulic as applied to plumbing, materials for pipe fitting elements
Pipe sizing, capacity and distribution understanding
Backflow prevention, building sewers
Potable water supply for buildings, materials for water system elements
Hot & fresh water recognition and adjustments
Protection of potable water supply, thermal insulations, equipment for fire-water supply, water service pipes
General principles of natural gas supplies, requirements for gas appliances placing
Gas installation for buildings, gas service
Complete safety during working hours
Size, types pipe, and glan-dory
Elbow, tea, socket, band, definition of union
Complete theory of flinch, faults in flinch its recognition & practical usage
Study of schematic drawing, symbols, tools, their usage & pipe fitting video lectures

PVCفٹنگ Giفٹنگ PPRفٹنگ 
اس کورس میں طالب علم کو گارنٹی کے ساتھ اس قابل بنایا جاتا ہے کہ وہ بطور پلمبر ایک پورے گھر ،بلڈنگ یا کوٹھی کی مکمل فٹنگ جس میں کچن کی مکمل فٹنگ ،باتھ روم کی مکمل فٹنگ پورے گھر کی گیس کنکشن ،پانی کے کنکشن اور سیوریج لائن کی مکمل فٹنگ خود کرسکتے ہیں ۔
پلمبنگ اینڈ سینٹری ورک کورس 
درج ذیل تمام کام مکمل گارنٹی کے ساتھ پریکٹیکلی سیکھایا جاتا ہے ۔جس میں سٹوڈنٹس روزانہ پورا باتھ یا کوئی بھی راجیکٹ ڈرائینگ کے مطابق مکمل کرتا ہے 
1۔ پلمبر کی تعریف 2۔ میٹر ٹیپ کا استعمال 3۔ ٹولز کی پہچان اور استعمال 4۔ واٹر سپلائی فٹنگ کی پہچان اور طریقہ 
5۔ پائپ کی اقسام اور فٹنگ 6۔ پائپ کاٹنے اور چوڑی نکالنے کا طریقہ 7۔ مکمل باتھ کی فٹنگ کا طریقہ (تھیوری و پریکٹیکل)
8۔ فائنل فٹنگ کا مکمل طریقہ کار 9۔ سوہل پائپ کی پہچان اور پائپ لائن بچھانے کا طریقہ کار
10ویسٹ پائپ کی پہچان اور طریقہ کار 11۔ ویسٹ پائپ کی پہچان اور فٹنگ کا طریقہ کار۔وینٹ پائپ کی پہچان اور فٹنگ کا طریقہ کار
12۔ وینٹی لیشن کی پہچان اور پائپنگ ایڈ جسٹ کرنے کا طریقہ کار 13۔ ہارٹ واٹر کی پہچان اور پائپنگ ایڈ جسٹ کرنے کا طریقہ کار
14۔ کول واٹر کی پہچان اور پائپنگ ایڈ جسٹ کرنے کا طریقہ کار
15۔ ڈیلیوری لائن اور سیکشن لائن کی پہچان اور پائپنگ ایڈ جسٹ کرنے کا طریقہ کار
B/T, W/B, S/H, W/C کو ایڈ جسٹ کرنے کا مکمل طریقہ کار
PCC,PPR,Gi پائپ کے ڈایا کو ملی میٹر(mm)میں پہچان 18۔ سلیپ ڈرائینگ کی پہچان اور طریقہ کار
19۔ ڈرینج ڈرائینگ کی پہچان اور پائپ بچھانے کا مکمل طریقہ کار 20۔ واٹر سپلائی ڈرائینگ کی پہچان اور پائپ بچھانے کا طریقہ کار
21۔ ڈرامیٹک ڈرائینگ کی پہچان اور طریقہ کار 22۔ ایسو میٹک ڈرائینگ کی پہچان اور طریقہ کار 23۔ پلان ڈرائینگ کی پہچان اور طریقہ کار



Plumbing Course Brochure

Plumbing & Pipe Fitter Course Brochure

AGT Tech has well defined course modules and training sessions for students as per international standards. Students will be awarded six months AGT Tech training certificate after completion of two months (2 months) training course. If you want to have Cisco Certificate then you will have to appear for their exam as per their fee and exam schedules. The course timings, starting dates, intakes and fees structure details are as under:-

Starting Dates Course Timings Status Fee
May,2022 09:00 to 12:00 Open Rs. 8000

The most important and critical component in the construction of buildings is water supply and water drainage systems. Plumbing work is responsible for supplying fresh or hot water in the building premises and it is the job of the pipe fitter to install pipes which help transport liquid or gases in households as well as industrial properties. AGT Tech has specially designed this course for students who aspire to pursue their career in the discipline of Plumbing &Pipe Fitting. AGT Tech provides you an opportunity to explore yourself and develop knowledge base, skills set and practical expertise in Plumbing &Pipe Fittingdiscipline, which helps you grow and earn respect and earn increments. At AGT Tech, you will be given direct exposure to practical knowledge of construction specific areas along with the theory that makes us distinctive from our competitors.


What You Will Learn

AT AGT Tech,courses are designed with an aim to provide excellent and quality education which help studentsin learning basic knowledge and developing skills set in their respective fields.Our experienced instructors, state of the art infrastructure and best student facilities provide an excellent learning environment, which make our students distinctive and one of best professionals in Pakistan. This Plumber & Pipe Fitter course will help you to learn following knowledge and skills:-


  • Able to use tools to repair machines or systems

  • Able to develop skills to comprehend issues, problems, and their solutions

  • Able to develop understanding of the every detail respecting plumbing and pipe fitting

  • Able to learn how to work in a team

  • Able to develop logical thinking

  • Image Industrial Placement
  • Image Part-time study available
  • Image Alternative start dates available
  • Image Work placement opportunity
  • Image International Students can apply


irfan malik --21, Feb/ 2016

detail of all courses

AGT Admin --23, Feb/ 2016

Details of all courses are available on website for further details please call at 051-5562377

ali jafri --17, Mar/ 2016

salam respected sir, apke officially web page pe free course add dakha, sir ye saholat to isb,rwp walo k waste ho gy g hum jese afrad jo bahot dist-enc rakhte hain jese multN,LyyH,BHkkR,MInwLI ETC Wale unki rehaish ka kharcha b to ho ga na g hostal,mess etc to sir g ic k bare pdate kar den , regard: ali jafri

AGT Admin --18, Mar/ 2016

W.Salam, ye saholat poray Pakistan k lye hai aur jo students out of city sy belong krty hain un k lye hostel ki saholat mojoud hai. Hostel fee : 7500 per month including mess, internet & laundry

Rizwan --08, Apr/ 2016

Sir, AutoCAD Mechanical ka course kitna month ka ha aur fee kitni ha?

AGT Admin --10, Apr/ 2016

AutoCad course duration 02 Months, fee :9000

Mohsin Adeel --01, May/ 2016

A.salam O Alikm Sir I Wants To Do This Course . When Will New Class Start?

AGT Admin --02, May/ 2016

W.S , Safety Officer(HSE) New Class Starting from 12 may,2016.

Kamran Shoaib --25, May/ 2016

Assalam.o.alaikum sir.! I want to take part in your institute for HSE COURSE. When will it starts now for new session???

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2016

New session is about to start, kindly visit or institute for more info, and we are offering discounts till 1st September please come and avail your discount.

Naheem --27, May/ 2016

Sir g need info about Autocad electrical course

AGT Admin --28, Aug/ 2016

We are offering auto cad electrical course, duration is 2 months. for more information about the course kindly visit our institute. we are offering discount till 1st September, you may avail it.

Muhammad Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan --14, Jun/ 2016

Sir, Main govt employ hun or muje 4 bje chuti hoti hai. Kafi time se daikh raha hun ki may be 4 bje k bad ap ki koe class ho autocad ki but abe tak nahe mil ski 4 baje ki bad koe class. Kindly govt employees k lye sham 5 baje k bad koe class arrange kr lain,

AGT Admin --26, Aug/ 2016

Jee auto cad is class ki timing 4 se 6 bjay hai ap ba-asani class lay sktay hain, ap institute ajain ham apko mukammal malomat faraham kr dain gain.

Areeb Haider Kundi --21, Jul/ 2016

sir please tell me about the duration of saftey officer course

AGT Admin --26, Aug/ 2016

Safety officer course is of 1 year diploma and completion time is 1 month, 3 hour class in a day 6 days a week.

Mohsin --12, Aug/ 2016

sir ye auto CAD CIVIL kitny month ka hai or classiz kab start hn gi

AGT Admin --24, Aug/ 2016

Mohsin hamare batches hote hain, ap institiute ajain jo b recent batch start hoga ham apko usi mai adjust karain gain, course duration 6 month aur course completion 2 months hai. Hope to see you here. Thank you

jawad --26, Sep/ 2016

good evening sir main Rig safety course and SPECIAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSES FOR SAFETY OFFICER to kindly kitny maheeny ka course hai or fees kitni hai

AGT Admin --26, Sep/ 2016

Safety k course mai english language bhi karwaya jata hai is ki mudat 1 mah hai aur diploma ik sal ka hai, ap institute tashreef lay ain mazeed maloomat k liye.

wazir zada --11, Oct/ 2016

Assalamoalikum! Sir I want to do the safety officer course! How much it's fee? And when will start new classes? I want to know all information about this course? Please

AGT Admin --12, Oct/ 2016

Dear wazir zada, course will start from 26 of this month if you want to start get yourself register before 25th oct, all information is on our website. full course fee is 13000. please visit institute for more information

kashif ali --25, Nov/ 2016

Sir m Fsd hn or safety course krna chahta hn or university b ni askta mtlb Rawalpindi Fsd m ni h camps tell me plz

AGT Admin --27, Nov/ 2016

ni we are sorry Faisalabad ma ni hai institute isk liye apko Rawalpindi he ana hoga.

Khurram shahzad --02, Dec/ 2016

Hi..can you provide registerd diploma of 1 year from gov or not?? I m intrested in this course..m in sudia .

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2017

yes,i give you 1 year diploma of safety officer course from AGT institute am also give you the govt diploma but you pay the fees of govt diploma 7000. only......

Rohina --21, Dec/ 2016

Salam . auto cad ka course girls bhi kr skti hain is institute sy?

AGT Admin --21, Dec/ 2016

Walekum Assalam, jee bilkul girls b ye course kr skti hain aur scope b kafi hai iski aj kal.

Sajjad ali --03, Jan/ 2017

Sir Assalam o alaikum. I still working job a contracting company in saudia and want to time keeper course in computer.if i come back and join your instiute what is the processer of joining and which short computer courses are availeble there for bright future in gulf or other contry plz guide me.

AGT Admin --04, Jan/ 2017

Dear sajjad, thank you for your interest. you may do CCTV course or in computer you can do web designing, graphic designing, IT advance, CCNA, MCSE, AUTOCAD etc, there are alot more. you must viist our fb page @agtofficialpage for full info.

Wahaj uddin --06, Jan/ 2017

Assalamualaikum sir mujhy ye course Krna hy fee Kiya hy is course ki

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2017

sir is course ki fees 13000 ha....

ALEEM --09, Jan/ 2017

A O A- Sir i want to do this course.and which requirement for HSE plzz tell me plzzz

AGT Admin --21, Feb/ 2017

sir safety course fees 13000 and course duration is 1 month. only id card is required to take admission in our institute....

Muhammad Azam --10, Jan/ 2017

Safety course ki details batain

AGT Admin --20, Feb/ 2017

SAFETY OFFICER (HSE) 1 Month ka course ha is ka diploma apko 1 Year ka diya jata ha is course ki fees 13,000 3 Hrs (11-2pm) ki class hote ha regular bases pa jis ma apko 80% kam practical aur 20% theory samjhai jate ha.....

Touseeq --23, Jan/ 2017

yeh course kab start hona fee kia ha or hostal charges.

AGT Admin --16, Feb/ 2017

sir ya course coming Monday (20.feb.17) sy start ho raha ha is course ki fees 13000 ha sir hostel ky monthly charges 7500 ha....

Kripal Tikadar --28, Jan/ 2017

I wanted to learn but can not for the money.Now I have money so I want change my luck

Muhammad Khurram --07, Mar/ 2017

Assalam o alaikum sir, Sir ya course kitny month ka hai or total fee kitni hai or sir es ma 1 month ka bi hota hai course

AGT Admin --16, Mar/ 2017

salam sir ya course 1 month ka ha is ki fees 13000 ha 3 ganty ki class hote ha jis ma apko tamam kaam practical seekhya jata ha.....

faizan raza --17, May/ 2017

sir mai safety officer cource krna chata hun shedule and fee btayen aur hostle k bary bhe

AGT Admin --09, Jun/ 2017

SAFETY OFFICER (HSE) 1 Month ka course ha is ka diploma ap ko 1 Year ka diya jata ha is ki fee 14,000 ha 3 Hrs roz ki class hoti ha is ki abi admission start hana ap b registration kara lay class ki timing ap ko bata di jay gi agt ka hostel maujood ha is ma ap ko mass vagra b diya jata ha is ka per month ap say 7000 liya jata ha

Tabsheer --26, Nov/ 2019

I would like to know about Plumber + Pipe Fitter Course fee and schedule and course duration.

AGT Admin --26, Nov/ 2019

plumbing course duration 1 month total fees 8300 class timing 9 to 12 

Imran --11, Aug/ 2020

Mein plumber ka course karna chata hon

AGT Admin --22, Sep/ 2020

g sir hum plumber ka course krwaty hen mazeed information k leay is no per rabta kren 03111444306

Kaleem Allah sajid --21, Nov/ 2020

Assalam o Alikum ! Sir I want to do this corse for my self because this is batter for me

AGT Admin --23, Nov/ 2020

plumbing ka course 1 month ka hai jis m apko  plumbing & sanitary installation  ka kam mukaml tor per sikhaya jata hai aur is ki fees 8000  hai


Muhammad Ehsan Sajjad --26, Nov/ 2020


AGT Admin --27, Nov/ 2020

plumbing ka course 1 month ka hai jis m apko  plumbing & sanitary installation  ka kam mukaml tor per sikhaya jata hai aur is ki fees 8000  hai

Tajamal hussein noon --18, Dec/ 2020

My education is middle class and I want to take a course on water supply pipe fitting fitter so let me know if I can take a course thank you

AGT Admin --18, Dec/ 2020

plumbing ka course 1 month ka hai jis m apko  plumbing & sanitary installation  ka kam mukaml tor per sikhaya jata hai aur is ki fees 8000  hai


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